The Basiita/Tutsi 50 Year Master plan – The Analysis (Part 1 of 3)
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The Basiita/Tutsi 50 Year Master plan – The Analysis
Fellow Ugandans, several years ago many of you had the opportunity to see and read the attached minutes from a meeting that was convened in March 1992 by Museveni at Rwakitura. When these minutes first surfaced, many individuals dismissed them as not genuine or NRM opposition propaganda. Everyone that read them was embarrassed and apologetic at the senselessness and sinister nature of the minutes. It is interesting however that not a single individual among those in attendance ever come forward to categorically deny or distance themselves from the meeting. 
As a patriotic Ugandan, this never made any sense to me; so I took it upon myself to investigate and establish the veracity of the minutes. It is interesting that even many Banyankole on the fringes of the current “ruling and ‘eating’ clique” denied the meeting ever took place; they were as much in the dark as the rest of us. You will be astounded by what my investigations have uncovered about the truth and legitimacy of these sinister minutes. This was not a one-off or an isolated occurrence; there has been and there continues to be a carefully orchestrated conspiracy by an ethnic minority in our midst in East Africa to establish a “fundamental” change in our region.  I am sure you have heard of that expression “fundamental change” especially as it has frequently come from the same ethnic minority clique.  
For so many years “The disinformation Department” of Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni, true son of Kayibanda and Esteri Kokundeka has tried to play the fool with the intelligence of Ugandans that he and his System forgot the old saying that “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time”.
Dear fellow citizens do you still think that this was a complete fabrication? When you read the minutes you feel sick as every free man should feel; to find that a clique of egotistical Tutsi and Basiita men and women set the benchmark of OUTRIGHT BANDITRY OF OUR NATIONAL WEALTH by using A MASTER PLAN ENFORCED BY THE RULE OF THE GUN. Why do I say so? Because the stark realities on the ground confirm beyond any reasonable doubt; that indeed the attendees are the sole beneficiaries of our National Wealth.
“Museveni and his treacherous Tutsi and Basiita followers who I shall reveal to the world in general and to our people in particular…The True Ugandans who have suffered for more than FORTY YEARS because of this man and his followers; he plays the deadly game of releasing information of his dirty deeds or tricks he intends to play sooner or later. Then he deliberately adds a detail intended to make that news or deed so unbelievable only to create the necessary confusion he will later use to deny that he ever had anything to do with the dirty deed.
Time and Authenticity
‘THE MEETING AT RWAKITURA WITH H.E. THE PRESIDENT OF UGANDA AND SELECTED REPRESENTATIVES FROM VARIOUS DISTRICTS ON 15-3-1992’ is a classic example. (Please see the attached minutes). The minutes of this meeting reached the public domain within minutes of their circulation on Friday, April 12, 2002 sent @ 10:26. Subject: True copy 15.03.93(a deliberate error, instead of 92) Basiita Clan.
By using the subject heading of the minutes “True Copy”, the “good Samaritan” that forwarded them wanted to assure us that this was a “true and original copy’ of the minutes. Suppose this was not a True copy of the minutes then what has happened to our Country and every suffering Indigenous Ugandan ( with the exception of some Tutsis and Basiita), is indeed the miraculous, sustained coincidence of every occurrence spanning NINETEEN YEARS. Take an example:
In the year of our Lord 2010 THE ENTIRE WEALTH OF THE COUNTRY OF UGANDA BELONGS TO YOWERI TIBUHABURWA MUSEVENI, HIS WIFE JANET, HIS STEP BROTHER SALIM SALEH , HIS BROTHER IN LAW SAM KUTESA  ETC,ETC…AND EVERY MUSIITA/TUTSI ALLY AND SOME FOREIGNERS WHO HAVE BEEN USED AS A FRONT FOR MUSEVENI, at the total denial of every other INDIGENOUS TRIBE of the country. These are blatant facts that every citizen has followed from 1986 when FRONASA’S MUSEVENI TOOK POWER. Yet, the minutes (which are vehemently denied but I now know full well continue to please Museveni and his treacherous followers) indicate the meeting was held at Rwakitura at the UNHOLY HOURS OF 11:00PM.
In Attendance
1. Mr. Y.K. Museveni Nyabushozi
2. Mrs. J. Museveni Nyabushozi
3. Mr. Elly Rwakakoko Ruhama Ntungamo
4. Mr. Eric Kabango Rukungiri
5. Mr. Akandanwaho Salim Saleh Nyabushozi
6. Mr. Sam Kutesa Nyabushozi
7. Mr. Abel Katembwe Rukungiri
8. Canon Rwabugaire Rubanja Rukungiri
9. Mrs. Rwabugaire Buyanja Rukungiri
10. John Wyclifee Karugire Ntungamo
11. Mrs. Karazawe Ntungamo
12. Mrs. Rwakakoko Ruhama Ntungamo
13. Bob Kabonero Ntungamo
14. Mr. Jim Muhwezi Rukungiri
15. Mrs. Susan Muhwezi Rukungiri Ntungamo
16. Mr. Jotham Tumwesigye Nyabushozi Mbarara
17. Mr. John Nasasira Kazo
18. Mzee Nyindimbi Kebisoni
19. Mrs. Faith Bitamurire Kebisoni
20. Mugisha Muwhezi Nyindombi Kebisoni
21. Mr. James Mwesigye Sembabule
22. Mrs. Mwesigye Sembabule
24. Mr. Kamugisha Kebisoni
25. Mrs. Kemigisha Kebisoni
26. Mr. John Kazoora Ntungamo
27. Mr. Christopher Kiyombo Ntungamo
28. Major Henry Tumukunde Buyanja Kitojo
29. Mrs. Tumukunde Buyanja Kitojo
30. Mzee Rwakanengere Kashari Rubaya
31. Jolly Rwakanengere Kampala Rubaya
32. Mrs. Salim Saleh Nyabushozi
33. Rev. Kajangye Kitojo Buyanja
34. Aranda Nyakeirima Kitojo Buyanja
35. Mzee Mpira Nuyanja Nyakibungo
36. Charles Muhoozi Kifaburiza Kapunga
37. Justus Katono Karishunga Buyanja
38. Elly Karuhanga Nyabushozi Mbarara
39. Mzee Kafumusi Ibanda
40. Sikora B.K. Buwheju Bunyaruguru
41. P. Kaitirima Sembabule
42. Matthew Rukikaire Sembabule
43. Mrs. Rukikaire Sembabule
44. Sam Baingana Kabura Rukungiri
45. Mrs. Baingana Rukungiri
46. Mzee Amos Nzei Kabale
47. Mrs. Nzei Kabale
48. Mzee Rutamwebwa Nyabushozi
49. Mrs. Mary Rutamwebwa Nyabushozi
50. Rev. Canon Sam Rubunda Nyabushozi
51. Mrs. Jennifer Kutesa Sembabule Ntungamo
52. Eriya Kategaya Rwamparara
53. Jovia Kankunda Mbarara
54. Mzee Rwakiturate Nyabushozi
55. Rwabantu Rushenyi Ntungamo
56. Col. Chefali Kazo
57. Col. Kazini J. Nyabushozi
58. Major Kashaka Nyabushozi
59. Jero Bwende Nyabushozi
60. Augusitine Ruzindana Rubayo Ntungamo
61. Ephraim Rusimirwa Nyakabuyo
62. Mzee Kaino Nyakininga
63. Rev. Rujoki Nshwerunkye
64. Mrs. J. Rujoki Nshwerunkye
65. Prince John Barigye Kashari
66. Kanyesingye Barigye Junior Kashari
67. Kirimani Nyabushozi
68. Fred Kanyabubale Kitojo Buyanja
69. Kakurugu Kitojo
70. Captain Biraro Nyabushozi
71. Mrs. Nasasira Kazo
72. Herbert Rwabende Kashari
73. Odrek Rwabogo Nyabushozi
74. Hope Kivenjere President’s Office
75. Bishop Justus Ruhindi Rukungiri
76. Justine Sabiiti Mbarara
77. Maama Rubindi North Kigezi Diocese
A total of 77 greedy and discredited individuals were recorded as being present at the meeting. We are sure you can recognise the alien Tutsi among these names. Tutsis are, just like parasites do when they cannot survive independently under their own steam; they clone their way into an organised ethnic group/tribe. Many cloned themselves among the Basiita – a proud people who have now allowed themselves to be compromised and sapped from within. Now they too are part and parcel of the greedy, unprincipled and blatant killers of Uganda like their Tutsi parasites.
What is interesting is that for the majority of these participants, before 1986 they had nothing substantive to their name or credit. Their current wealth has been derived from corruption and in some cases from specific sinister missions. These are the predators of the Ugandan economy.
I have been able to establish who participant number 23 is, even if they tried to conceal their identity. Prominent among the participants were members of the clergy; a Bishop and three Reverends; the Crown Prince of the Ankole Kingdom and his son. It is simply wicked to think that a Bishop and 3 Reverends could allow themselves to participate in a meeting the basis of which was CRIMINAL INTENT. As for the Crown Prince of Ankole Kingdom and his son they should have been aware that by their mere attendance let alone participating openly in these criminal proceedings they were relinquishing their honourable claim to the throne of Ankole. In so doing they were being hypocritical to their tribe if later they claimed that they should have had restoration of their rights as well.
Minute 1.00:
“The meeting started with a prayer led by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Ruhindi at exactly 11:00 pm, who prayed for good deliberations”.
In the dead of the night, the Tutsis’ and Basiita gathered in secrecy at Museveni’s residence to deliberate on looting, impoverishing, maiming and killing indigenous Ugandans. To see how far these Tutsis’ and Basiita have sunk in depravity, the four men of God not only became party to the heinous crimes against the people of Uganda but the Right Reverend Bishop led the Prayers for “Good Deliberations”. How duplicitous can one get; given that God the omnipotent was also there and aware to bear witness to the hypocrisy of this Right Reverend Bishop in my language we call this blasphemy.

Minute 1.00:
“The meeting started with a prayer led by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Ruhindi at exactly 11:00 pm, who prayed for good deliberations”.
In the dead of the night, the Tutsis’ and Basiita gathered in secrecy at Museveni’s residence to deliberate on looting, impoverishing, maiming and killing indigenous Ugandans. To see how far these Tutsis’ and Basiita have sunk in depravity, the four men of God not only became party to the heinous crimes against the people of Uganda but the Right Reverend Bishop led the Prayers for “Good Deliberations”.  How duplicitous can one get; given that God the omnipotent was also there and aware to bear witness to the hypocrisy of this Right Reverend Bishop in my language we call this blasphemy.
Minute 2.00:
1st Paragraph:
“The Chairman H.E., welcomed the Basiita Clan and other clans present in his home. He briefed members present the purpose of the meeting and thanked organisers for a good job done”.
Museveni, the President of Uganda convened and chaired the meeting of Basiita and other clans; you know that he was referring to his Tutsi clan.  He briefed members present the purpose of the meeting; an indication that some had come unaware of the purpose of the meeting. So a Tutsi actually initiated the meeting and wanted to have the Basiita buy-in into his Tutsi Dynasty scheme!  He wanted to use Basiita as the engine of his sinister Grand Conspiracy against indigenous Ugandans.
You may ask why he chose the Basiita and no other group. By design, Tutsis are parasitic; they like to take from others without themselves contributing anything.  After running out of Rwanda as refugees, they each looked for an ethnic group to latch onto; in an effort to clone themselves as Basiita, Baganda, Banyoro, Batooro, etc.   Museveni latched on and cloned himself into the Basiita, he started claiming and passing himself off as one.
In my continuing research on this issue, I shall in future examine the Tutsi trail from Asia through Somalia, Ethiopia, part of Sudan then Uganda,  Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo until they could not go further south against the Zulu.  In their trail, they were leaving a little of themselves which ever territory they came through; never in large enough numbers to overwhelm the local indigenous populations, so they had to survive by parasitic attachment to Bateso, Basoga, Baganda, Banyoro….etc.
Let me briefly elaborate this dissemination and assimilation into the various tribal groupings.  Immediately after their exodus from Rwanda, they went into survival mode but had not devised a specific plan other than marrying into well to do families, growing up as siblings of unknown fathers and mothers or simply drifting in numbers across borders.
But they were not in sufficient numbers to dominate wherever they tried to settle, but while they were settling in they had to devise a plan to take their Tutsi tribe out of survival mode and into dominance. To achieve this they needed not only every guise and wile but resorted to blatant lying and eventually criminal activities such as killing.  This shows as we shall see that wherever they were settling, it did not matter which tribe they married into because in their belief and code they remained Tutsi as wives, husbands and even offspring’s, this then ensured that their clan would survive.
But because they could not under this arrangement establish continuing linkages, they looked for yet another clan which had its roots well established in Uganda.  By picking on the Basiita, it was neither credit nor advantage to the Basiita that they were chosen by Museveni and company because the ultimate Tutsi Dynasty plan was always going to lead to mass criminality, whether it was thieving, lying or killing.  This is a wake up call for the Basiita clan, Museveni and company could have chosen any other clan provided it ensured his survival and that of his followers.
2nd Paragraph:
He told members that the only opportunity they have is this one when he is still President. He directed Hope Kivenjere to act as a link between his office and these people at the grassroots. He told them that they were few in number and that he fought to liberate them so that they could be heard in society and Uganda at large.
By Museveni telling them, this is “the only opportunity” when I am “still President”; he was black mailing them.  The only opportunity they have to do what?  Basiita have never been discriminated against in Uganda.  Their being numerically few was and is irrelevant.  He is the one that has now made them vulnerable in the eyes of Ugandans which was never the case.   What did he liberate them from as Basiita?
Since the coming of Museveni in 1986, the Basiita had never complained that they were not being listened to in society or Uganda at large.  In fact the opposite is now true, Ugandans are complaining of the excessive corruption and greed of the Basiita; they have become very vulnerable. Ugandans read about them in the papers for keeping millions of shillings, Dollars or Euros in their homes.  They do not know what to do with all the loot they have.  They are displacing people from their land; they are cannibalising public enterprises and destroying our country.  But the truth is now out, from the horses’ mouth, he fought to liberate the Tutsis and Basiita and not Ugandans.
3rd Paragraph:

He reminded them of the need to have a master plan for at least 50 years if their Hima clan is to remain vibrant and rich.
Telling them a need for a master plan if their Hima clan is to remain vibrant was another red herring.  Bahima have been around for more than 50 years and they were under no threat of extinction.  Why did they take the bait?  He appealed to their greed.  He was giving them a blank check, allowing them to go steal and loot everything they need if they would use that wealth to keep him in that chair as long as he wants.  Now you know why Museveni rigs every election, bribes all members of parliament to ensure that He and him alone with his treacherous Basiita followers are still in power for at least another 25 years from now.
It is interesting the play of words Museveni used next.  By him saying to them that …if their Hima Clan is to remain… he was putting the onus on them to ensure his own Tutsi master plan succeeds.  Was the Hima clan not vibrant before Museveni came on the scene?  Also note Museveni said “their Hima Clan” a confirmation that he is not one of them, he is a Tutsi.  In final analysis he put the pressure on Bahima to keep the Tutsis in Uganda in power.
4th Paragraph:
H.E. told his listeners that if they cannot use the opportunity maximally, their daughters and sons would blame them in the future.
Once the Basiita took the first bait, Museveni upped the ante, putting “the guilt trip” on them.  If you do not do what I am telling you, you are a minority, so you will perish and you will be the ones to blame; future generations will blame you!
Because of their direct implication in using the gun to keep themselves and the Tutsi in power, they exposed themselves to permanent conviction of a legacy and crime whose ultimate end has nothing to do with them but everything to do with Tutsi who call all of us the naive Bantu.
5th Paragraph:

At this function he revealed to them a scheme and plan of action in order for them to achieve desired goals as:
Please note that so far there is no dialogue at this meeting, the chairman is dominating the meeting, he told the Basiita the purpose of the meeting, and he told them they must have a 50 year master plan then he proceeds to tell them what the plan is.  Museveni had a captive audience, he invited them to a meeting, gave them the appetizers or incentive to go loot and steal the country; now he tells them what they have to do.  He is pushing all the right buttons for his own benefit – The Tutsi Dynasty.  He is using them to do his dirty deeds. 
If the plan is for the Hima clan and Museveni is not a Hima should it not be the Hima to map their action plan?  But he went ahead and told them what their action plan is if they are to achieve their desired goals.  This is a clear indication of a/the Tutsi using the Hima to achieve their objectives.  But the Hima’s are fast asleep on a runaway train, and completely oblivious to the danger that awaits them at the end of the tunnel! And the end of the tunnel is surely fast approaching!  The results will be the realisation of Museveni’s prediction “their daughters and sons would blame them”. By their criminal deeds they have already permanently convicted themselves

1. To have the highest education qualifications during this term of office for their children;
This is a gimmick pure and simple; to have the “highest education qualifications” you need to have the smarts and the drive to achieve it.  But just because your parents are using “blood” money to send you to a university abroad will not make you get the highest education qualification.  Hima and Tutsi kids may be the ones getting all the scholarships to study abroad; but getting a “pass” degree like many of them are, or what Museveni got from Dar-es-Salaam, or Salim Saleh failure to even manage A-level after years of being pushed up into classes above but still failing his finals; is not considered having the highest education qualifications.  In fact some of these so called Hima/Tutsi students have resorted to buying their (bogus) “highest education qualifications” online.  Some of them have been sent to RMA Sandhurst and to Fort Leavenworth with disastrous results.
For just a moment let us put aside the ugly intentions of M7s statement.  Let us remember that he was/is the president of Uganda.  Instead of a national education programme for the success of Uganda (which he calls his cow); he was not going to look for every Ugandan with any ability to achieve their highest goals for the benefit of the country. All the other 60 plus tribes were to be ignored and overlooked so that they degenerate only for the minority Basiita clan (not even the Banyankole as a whole which would include the Bairu) to have the monopoly of maximum education in order to prop the cow of Uganda for an even tinier clan of aliens called Batutsi.  So this tiniest clan may remain in power for ever!
2. To make sure they are the richest people in Uganda in the next 50 years master plan;
They are on their way to achieving this; but why are being the richest people in Uganda that important? Especially when it is “blood money”, money that has not come from your sweat or smarts does not get you credibility and respect which all of them crave.  At the end of the day, you are just a thug; and many Basiita/Bahima today are just that – thugs!  Is that something to aspire to?
Museveni has always craved to be rich, powerful, respected, appreciated, noticed etc, but how has he gone about getting it?  By being a thug.  By being a terrorist.  By being a liar and a thief so long as he is holding a gun to our heads.  Now you lot the Basiita!  By following M7 from the meeting at Rwakitura the Basiita have now become thugs if they were not already, they are now terrorist, they are liars, they are thieves, they are murders, and no amount of riches is going to save them from their fate when doomsday comes!  In fact M7 who is such a coward hides behind your bodies and uses you as a human shield for survival.  On his part, instead of championing your brave act of protecting him all he offers you is the illusion of being secure behind “education”, the gun, the disinformation rather than your personal abilities and competency to compete with other Ugandans for self promotion on merit.  He will not be there to rescue you from the millions of Ugandans who are starving today when they rise against you because it is you and your Tutsi friends who are responsible for all their miseries.
3. To make sure they control the army and have the highest ranks in the army;
This they have achieved in short order.  But the ranks are meaningless because the only criteria used to award them in ethnicity.  The same goes to national medals, worthless piece metal which earns one no respect but scorn. They killed off all credible fighters, mostly Baganda young men and women who were always decisive and fearless at the frontlines.  This is inferiority complex pure and simple.
Whenever Ugandans complain about the lopsided nature of promotions in the military, Ugandans are always lied to that only Banyankole fought “bateera ebundu” and they have the highest education – bullocks!  Many Tutsis and Bahima have been sent to military colleges but they have to do their exams 4 times just to get “passing” grades!
Museveni has placed dangerous weapons in your hands simply so that you can protect him from the enemies he is attracting like a magnet, that places you the Tutsi and Basiita in a special category, you are the buffer wall between the anarchist Museveni and the oppressed masses.  When we reach that critical moment of no return and I can promise you that it is fast approaching the masses shall get you before they reach Museveni and this is what this coward has done to you.  You are holding dangerous weapons so don’t expect bows and arrows coming against you on dooms day, it will be bombs and bullets the same as you are holding except that the masses shall have a noble cause of their side and you will have your guilty conscious to first overcome before you deal with our numbers. Wake up Basiita people before it is too late for you!
4. To ensure that they take charge of all the resources in the country;
They are on their way to achieving this for a number of reasons:  They sell to themselves public land, properties and businesses at give away prices.  They pay no taxes on their goods, they are favoured in all lucrative contracts, and they have the monopoly for production or importation of goods and services.  They pay no interest on loans; others are given free capital to start enterprises, etc.  The interesting thing is, majority of them do not have the business acumen, because with all the privileges they have; other hard working Ugandan businessmen and women out performs them hands down.  Once all those privileges are taken from under the Tutsi and Bahima, they will fall like a deck of cards.  They will have to resort to herding cattle which they excel at!
From all the parastatal organizations which were sold under Museveni, the proceeds went straight into one huge fund to resettle and enrich Banyarwanda Tutsi; nothing went to the rightful owners, the common indigenous Ugandans. All the Tutsi/Hima beneficiaries from these proceeds are thugs, they are thieves, they are liars, they are murders, so they better stop having illusions about a glamorous future because the majority of Ugandans have no illusions about you or what they intend to do with you!
5. To ensure that everybody else is poor so that they could be controlled and respect the group;
This is classic inferiority complex, to have to put someone else down so you can feel important and be “respected”!  I guess this is obvious to every Ugandan that has been deliberately impoverished. Jobs are only for Tutsi and Bahima, everyone else has no drugs or credible hospitals but Tutsis and Bahima can go abroad; 5th world education standards for all Ugandans, but Tutsi and Bahima boys and Girls sent abroad to the best schools; and non-existent public infrastructure.  A nomad that is only used to living in a kraal and herding cattle in the pasture cannot be expected to look after a farm.  A farmer needs stability, infrastructure and conducive environment to excel at what he does and in order to compete internationally.
We need to be aware that Uganda is part of a wider world, Uganda has to trade and interact with this wider world and no amount of Tutsi/Bahima component can generate the necessary resources to compete against other nations abroad.  Therefore Uganda can only descend into a crippled state, her human capital is under utilized which retards progress when the rest of the world is racing ahead.
To ensure that none of those not concerned not to know about the action plan.
Oops! Thank God there are some good Tutsis’ who see the danger of these sinister schemes.  A minority cannot use coercive force forever to taunt, dominate, maim and kill the majority.  Once the tables are turned, what will the minority do?  Fortunately some Tutsi and Hima are forward looking and petrified at the prospects, so they slowly reach out!  What I can say is that they are not doing so quickly enough and certainly not nearly enough
6th Paragraph:
Every one of them was directed to recruit the Bahima boys to join the army so that they could dominate the ISO, PPU, ESO, and military police. This would assist in the resisting of other tribes that would attempt to take power by the use of force.
Now you know the truth.  The Tutsi and Basiita are not going to give up power freely even if they lose in an election.  Museveni told the whole country not long ago that “It’s me who hunted and after killing the animal, they want me to go. Where should I go?”  They have done and are doing exactly that, all the top echelons of UPDF and the various security intelligence agencies are headed by either a Tutsi or a Muhima/Munyankole.  However, I doubt that makes Museveni any secure as a President.  Once the people power is unleashed on them, they wouldn’t know what hit them!
Minute 3.00:
1st Paragraph

The Chairman informed the members to unite so that they could remain the only kings in the region. He said that the master plan couldn’t be achieved until 80% of their youths are properly trained and equipped with the best necessities to manage these issues.
Was there any conflict or disunity among the Basiita/Bahima?  Why then was Museveni asking them to unite?  He wanted them to believe they were not united, that they are weak and vulnerable; so he could portray himself as the benefactor who can bring them close together and protect them. He hoodwinked them and has been using them ever since. Yes they are also using him to enrich themselves, but they are destroying themselves in the process. Fortunately, some of the Bahima have seen through the half-truths and deceitfulness of the man and they are slowly pulling back for their own good.  In fact there is more disunity today among the Bahima than there was before the unveiling of this Basiita master plan.  I would like to encourage many of them to abandon this sinister scheme because it is going to bury them alive!
The minority Tutsis want to establish a Dynasty in the Interlacustrine Basin in which they are not even indigenous.  To do this, they have been cloning themselves within different ethnic groups.  The Bahiima who are the traditional rulers of Ankole seem to either be resigned to the fact or they acquiesced to the creation of the Tutsi Dynasty.  I say this because among those present while Museveni was unfurling the sinister Basiita Master plan was the Crown Prince of Ankole, Prince John Barigye and his son.  The Crown Prince never once objected to what was being planned for his people in Ankole.  The Tutsi knew the Ankole kingdom was already compromised and it presented no threat to the creation of the Tutsi Dynasty.  That is why Museveni strongly objected to its restoration. For the other three Kingdoms only shells were restored.  The Bunyoro Kingdom has also been weakened and compromised from within the House of Omukama.  No serious objections to the creation of a Tutsi Dynasty can be expected from Bunyoro Kingdom.
I would like to warn my Baganda brothers and sisters not to be complacent.  The Tutsi have worked long and hard to find a way to clone themselves within Obwakabaka bwa Buganda.  This they have done successfully, they trapped the Kabaka of Buganda with a beautiful Tutsi woman and a baby boy was born.  That is how close the Tutsi are to the throne of Buganda!
The late Omukama of Tooro Patrick Kaboyo was very close to the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Mutebi II.  This was not sitting well with the Tutsi planners, having two Kingdoms ganging against them.  As usual the Tutsi hatched a plan to bring disunity and confusion in the house of Omukama of Tooro. A baby boy was born and his is now the King of Toro but his paternity is contested between Museveni and the former Tooro Premier John Katuramu.  Museveni had the King of Tooro Patrick Kaboyo quietly eliminated, thus removing the genuine King of Tooro.
With all the Kingdoms in the region compromised with Tutsi offsprings, we are likely to be left with only the Tutsi Dynasty in the Interlacustrine region.  The only set-back the Tutsi are likely to have, they WILL never have 80 percent of their youths properly trained and equipped to manage these issues. I know for a fact that some indigenous Ugandans are not asleep and they are working to counter the Tutsi Dynasty.  They have the numbers, they have the cause and the political will, all the Tutsi/Basiita have is a paper plan.
2nd Paragraph
At this juncture the chairman directed Mr. Elly Karuhanga to take charge of educating the sons and daughters and send them abroad in countries such as India, England, America and South Africa. Karuhanga accepted the responsibility without hesitation.
Elly Karuhanga, a lawyer by profession accepted the responsibility to be in charge of sending Tutsi and Hima boys and girls abroad to study.  This he has done extremely well.  He was availed the means to perform and implement this responsibility.  He is the President of Tullow Oil Uganda (Tullow Uganda);  a Director of Bankom Uganda Ltd (Bankom  provides electronic payments services to financial institutions. It settles and reconciles financial transactions from automatic teller machines (ATMs) and point of sale devices).   A Director of Canmin Gold Ltd (Canmin is involed in various mining projects in Uganda. But also owns gold exploration licenses in Ibanda Busia and Karamoja). Director, Development Finance Company Uganda Ltd.  You get the drift!
3rd Paragraph
The Chairman also directed Mr. Kirimani to take charge of the educating the daughters and sons internally, especially to ensure that he put up a special school in Nyabushozi to cater for the interests of the group.
Mr. Kirimani took to his task with gusto. Today there is an almost world class Nyabushozi Parents Secondary school in Kiruhura district teaming with young Tutsi and Hima young people, it’s registered as a privately owned school although it is publicly funded.
4th Paragraph
On this note Mr. Kutesa suggested to upgrade Kanyareru Resettlement School from Nursery up to secondary, which passed with no amendments.
This proposal was implemented long ago.  About 2 years ago it was reported in the Monitor Newspaper that Museveni had relocated over 30’000 pastoralists from Luweero to Nyabushozi where he built for them a first class school.  Kanyaryeru School is staffed with some of the better teachers, all the necessary school supplies, etc courtesy of the government of Uganda. From there students acquire scholarships from State House to go abroad for further studies.

Minute 4.00:
1st Paragraph

Mr. Elly Rwakakoko interjected the chairman’s speech by giving direction to members on the real discussion by introducing a new chapter of how the H.E. could be succeeded after his term of office.
This one was just worried as to how they can keep power forever!
2nd Paragraph
On this point Mrs. Jovia Salim Saleh begged members to ensure that after H.E., the next president must come from the Basiita clan. She said that H.E. had done a lot for the Basiita clan and taken a lot of risks for the last 20 years and therefore it was important that the Basiita take charge of the resources of the country if other Bahima are to benefit.
It is very telling that Joviah Saleh a Musiita said, the next President must come from the Basiita clan.  Joviah is married to Museveni’s step brother; she knows her husband’s family very well.  This was another confirmation that Museveni is not a Musiita or Muhima but a Tutsi, that is the clarification Joviah wanted to make; to have their own Musiita as the next president.
So Joviah was referring to some of these risks Museveni had taken over the 20 years or so apparently for Basiita and not Ugandans?  In reality she was just cajoling his ego; she knows most of the risks were taken by others.  She wanted it to appear that she and the Basiita could be grateful for these risks. BUT in the cold light of day he was an alien and the only way to redress this national anomaly of an alien again ruling Uganda she wanted this matter cleared up within this “large” gathering of 77 members which on record may prevent Uganda being forever headed by aliens.
Joviah pointed out Museveni had done a lot for the Basiita and taken a lot of risks for 20 years.  What risks was she referring to? Twenty years back from 1992 when the meeting took place, takes you to the early 1970s.   What did Museveni do in the early seventy?  He was involved in a lot of political treachery but I will mention just two:
Although then a student at the University of Dar-es-Salaam, he was heavily involved in the Tutsi Dynasty plan.  He was at the forefront trying to weaken the confidence of Obote in Amin.  As a former NASA employee he had Tutsi colleagues still in the Agency. In collusion with NASA’s Tutsi contacts, Museveni planned and assassinated Brigadier Pierino Yere Okoya and his wife Anna Okello Okoya at Layibi near Gulu.
Again in the early seventies Museveni made an assassination attempt on Big Daddy. As Amin was driving from the passing out parade of commissioned officers in Nsambya Police barracks; Museveni personally threw the grenades towards Amins’ Jeep.  Museveni being a coward he is – he fears direct confrontations, did not time the grenades well such that he missed his target.
3rd Paragraph
On this point of order the chairman wanted to know whether Mrs. Jovia Salim Saleh was in order to single out the Basiita clan and yet the meeting was for the whole Bahima of Ankole and parts of the country. The members resolved that she was not in order.
It is interesting that it was the chairman, who said Jovia was out of order to single out Basiita.  Museveni personally interjected as if to stamp out the notion or the threat to his power which he knew he had acquired using the most under handed method. He realised Joviah was trying to pull the rug out from under him. As a Musiita, Joviah was being sincere; she knows her husband Salim Saleh is a Somali and the chairperson, Museveni a Tutsi.  She just wanted to make sure the next President is a genuine Musiita.  But Museveni felt threatened by that statement because Basiita cannot be leaders of Uganda, but condoms (like all other Ugandans) to be used by the Tutsis in fulfilment of their objectives.   To insist that the next President be a Musiita would be eliminating Museveni and he would not stand for that.  It is obvious the Basiita are just being used.
To cover his track the chairman changed his tune, turning away from Basiita, now saying the meeting is for all Bahima.  Yet when he started the meeting he welcomed Basiita clan to his home and to the meeting, telling them this is the only opportunity they have when he is still around as President, etc.  Who is using who?
Minute 5.00:

Mzee Ephraim Rusimira suggested that the next president should be the brother of the president if the master plan is to succeed. He warned that if the Beiru and other non-Bahima clans get to know about the action plan, it would fail to tale off.
Mzee Rusimira is a Tutsi, and he interjected to salvage Museveni from the Basiita who wanted to have the next President be one of their own.  He proposed the next President be the President’s brother. This proposal did not get much traction, an indication perhaps of what Basiita think of Salim Saleh. Rusimira is a typical Tutsi with a rabid dislike of Hutus, Bairu, et al.  He wanted to ensure they never get to know about the master plan.  Well, we got to know about it, so deal with it because right minded Ugandans including some Basiita will not allow it to succeed.
Minute 6.00:
1st Paragraph

Mzee Rutamwebwa suggested that Salim Saleh should go back to school if the objectives of the action are to be achieved. He suggested that Salim Saleh has to get ‘O’ Certificate and ‘A’ Level ertificate. This was unanimously agreed.
Mzee Rutamwebwa another staunch Tutsi wants to make sure they do not lose power, so he suggests Salim Saleh needs to complete his education. Surely enough Salim Saleh went back to school.  But as indicated earlier education cannot be forced, you have to need it and have the smarts and the drive to excel.  It is debatable if the education Saleh received was of any benefit to him or the Ugandan tax payers.
It certainly could not qualify him to become a president of a nation.  He realised his limits early when he failed to get his A-level.
2nd Paragraph

He also suggested that some close clansman, possibly the son of his H.E. should be groomed to take over the reins from Salim Saleh. This too was agreed on and the group begged H.E. to look around for a boy who would be groomed.
Rutamwebwa did not want to give up so easily, now suggesting that if Saleh does not work out, perhaps any other Tutsi would be better as President than the Basiita or anyone other group. Its public knowledge that attempts have been made to groom Museveni’s public son – Muhoozi, but without the smarts, the drive or the desire you get zilch!  This appears to be the case.  They asked Museveni to look around for another boy to be groomed, but he keeps facing the same problem.  You see, the apples do not fall far from the tree!  As well, knowing the state of health of Salim Saleh, it was not surprising that they were preparing to continue searching elsewhere.  All the anti-retroviral drugs will not keep him or Museveni for that matter alive forever!
3rd Paragraph

The group also brainstormed about how to destroy those who would gang up to take over power from the clan. Death was suggested for the potential.
This is not surprising; they have been killing and maiming their opponents since day one.  But for every opponent they kill off, four new opponents’ spring up.  They will soon get tired of killing, they are the minority the opponents are the majority.  What will they do when their opponents decide to use coercive means as well to bring an end to this Tutsi Dynasty scheme?  Where will they run to, would they take Basiita with them?  Will they go back to Rwanda, where they came from in 1959?  What goes around comes around and doomsday will be a bad day for the Tutsi and Basiita if they fail to wake up now!
Now my fellow indigenous countrymen and women, it could not have been divine powers that could have made it possible that a Master plan that neither Museveni nor his FRONASA marauders knew about 19 years ago, just happened like some unexpected April Showers to fall for all of 25 years, and in that time those showers  did so exclusively on the little plots of land belonging to THIS FULL LIST OF ATTENDEES AND THEIR CHILDREN, BUT SOMEHOW those showers FAILED TO REACH THE MISERABLE ALLOTMENTS OF THE REST OF OUR POPULATION of Uganda.

Yet Museveni calls others BANDITS and now you know why.
Yet Museveni calls others TRIBALISTS and now you know why.
Yet Museveni calls others SECTARIAN, now you know why.
Yet Museveni calls others LIARS now you know why.

For today, ask yourself as a genuine indigenous Ugandan, is this why you achieved Independence in 1962? Of course not! But some ALIENS had other plans for Uganda; although their names appear in this list as though they were Ugandans, they were not and they looked for a tribe they could attach themselves to; then they used their guiles as accomplished liars to promise them a future of riches beyond their wildest dreams because, they knew that whatever good, whatever precious, whatever beautiful was going to be within their reach BECAUSE THEY KNEW EXACTLY HOW THEY WERE GOING TO KILL TO GET IT ALL. And even this was as you have seen.
In my research/investigation on this Tutsi Dynasty, I have been able to establish beyond the shadow of a doubt that this Tutsi master plan has been around for some time.  But the fact that these minutes were smuggled out is an indication that not all Tutsi’s/Basiita are in favour of the Conspiracy; some are eager to talk because they know the dire consequences of such a sinister plot.
This Grand Conspiracy was started years ago, but the political upheavals in the country had scuttled it. In my analysis I have been able to show you that they have been able to implement much of what they wanted to, but their biggest enemy is time and our being aware of their sinister plans.   What we have to realise as indigenous Ugandans is that what the Tutsi have done and continue to do in Uganda is exactly what they used to do in Rwanda against the Hutus.  The brutality of the Tutsi against the Hutus knew no limits.  For example a Tutsi had a right to kill a Hutu for any reason, no questions asked.  That is the kind of Dynasty they want to create in the Great Lakes region!
The Tutsi Covenant
One time during a year 1959 some Tutsi youths killed a Hutu sub-chief which set off a chain reaction of Hutu uprising.  Unlike previous uprisings this one was sustained all through the year 1959 and 1960 leading the Tutsi to run for their lives, thus starting the exodus out of Rwanda into all the neighbouring countries.  This explains why Tutsi wherever they are, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC, etc always like to resort to the use of brute force to suppress any dissension.  They have a rabid fear of uprisings, out of guilt, they know uprisings always results in them having to run and find new places to settle.
Tutsis’ ran scared out of Rwanda for no apparent reason, other than guilt of their brutal reign against the majority Hutu; and fear of losing in the elections.  The Tutsi realised that their world had indeed become smaller.  They started planning on how they can survive in the long term. In 1962, the Tutsi leaders drafted what they called “Covenants of the Tutsi Dynasty”.  These are the same covenants that have been used by Museveni and his Basiita sidekicks to dominate and disenfranchise Ugandans.  Reading these covenants will help you to wake up to the reality that befell our motherland.   As you read the covenants, wherever you see or read the word Hutu, I want you dear reader to substitute it with the word Ugandans because these same covenants were designed to be applied in any country they ran to.
Covenants of the Tutsi Dynasty
August 6, 1962
“Although we are a minority in the Kivu region, we have been able to successfully retain power during the 1960 elections by availing ourselves of the Bantu naivety. However, since our cleverness was later discovered by the Congolese, every Tutsi from any region must implement the following plan, and participate in its diffusion to all other Tutsis, especially those, from the Volcano district.”
Every Tutsi must know that Hutus are related to the Congolese and that our colonisation plan must be applied to the two groups.
Every Tutsi must thoroughly apply to the Congolese, and other ethnic groups surrounding them, the methods used successfully to conquer Rwanda. You must proceed methodically, gradually and refrain from any precipitation, which might awaken the spectre of the great conqueror Rwabugiri, our national hero.
Every Tutsi intellectual must adopt as his first goal the control of additional districts, as everybody is aware of the importance of controlling local seats of authority in order to spread political ideas into uneducated population.
Every Tutsi intellectual must make friends within the Congolese administration and get acquainted with the bureaucratic process and thus prepare him/herself for the eventual take-over in which he/she will be expected to take the place and eventually head the whole department.
Since we cannot replace Hutu representatives just elected and put our own people in their place, let’s make them our friends. We must conquer them by offering them gifts, especially alcohol beverages that will allow us to win secrets out of them. Offer them our girls, and if necessary, do not hesitate to arrange marriages with them. They will not resist our daughters’ angelic beauty.
When the control of all-important positions is achieved, we must remove all our Bantu enemies, especially Bahutu.
With regard to conquering the Hutu, you must use the “Blood exchange pact” in which they foolishly believe.  Haven’t we desecrated it several times with impunity?
Avail yourselves of the credulity of the Hutu elites and use them to promote our interests and to look credible in electoral drives. As soon as the electoral drives are over, bilk them to show their inefficiency.
Every Tutsi civil servant must use terror in order to get respect and authority from the uneducated Hutu population.
Using the civil service we must ridicule the uneducated BANTU and call them pretentious; many in the HUTU elites will help us destroy fellow Hutus’, because Hutu don’t care about each other’s fate.
Whenever we discover that Hutus’ care of each others’ fate, we must destroy that spirit by dividing its promoters: WE MUST DIVIDE IN ORDER TO RULE.
We must master completely all the members of the other ethnic groups whom we manage to control, especially HUTU fawners and make them promote our interests.
Every TUTSI must know that every HUTU has been created to be a SERVANT and that no HUTU must ever become a leader. HUTU must not be aware of this principle until it is too late for them. You must control progressively all the key positions in the administration and finally have in every district a Director who protects our interests.
Every Tutsi must use every means possible to lead all HUTU Civil servants to an inferiority complex.
Any HUTU caring about his/her fellow Hutus’ fate must be kept off and denied any access to the population.
We remind all the Tutsi youth that they must join the AJIR because, if we do not succeed by our cleverness, we must use violence. The Tutsi youth must support the Tutsi civil servants, use terror and exploit the intelligence provided by our spies and informants.
During the difficult times, we must convince the HUTU to support the Jean Mirubo’s cabinet in which we have two Ministers, because the collapse of that cabinet means our own failure. Don’t you know that we own Mirubo?
We must fight the WANDANDE and HUTU who oppose our Jean Mirubo by using naive HUTUS’. Avail yourselves of the HUTU’s greed. Offer them alcoholic beverages and money. Don’t care about how much you spend because we have enough money. Don’t you recall that we still have 65 million francs which we were supposed to pay to the Catholic teachers”!
It is obvious that the Tutsi/Hima Oligarchy in Uganda has been abiding by and implemented these covenants to the letter.  And I shall analyse in depth the very methods these Tutsi/Basiita thugs have applied against us as well as the incidents which confirm how badly Ugandans have been abused… almost gang raped by these Tutsis’.

It’s obvious that the intent and purpose of this sinister Tutsi/Basiita Dynasty master plan does not augur well for indigenous Ugandans.  The issues discussed at the 1992 meeting Museveni hosted at his home in Rwakitura were offensive and treasonable.  

Today in 2010, Its election time in Uganda and Museveni is going around giving brown envelopes to some, others just receive a blanket or a bar of soap to vote Museveni…. is that all that our peoples’ life is worth … a bar of soap?  Is that what our life is worth as a citizen of Uganda?
Unless we reclaim our country as indigenous Ugandans, everything we have struggled to achieve, to build, belongs to these insidious men and women for it was decreed by the COVENANT of their FORBEARERS!
Uganda(ns), our nation is at a crossroad.  This is the tipping point in our national political culture and life.  What we do now to liberate ourselves from these Tutsis’ will not benefit us alone as a nation but the entire Great Lakes Region once and for all! 
“Let those who have ears hear and those with eyes see”!
Yours, in the struggle.
Mukasa Baanabakintu


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    I do believe coz, ma grand papa who died recently told me about it. so it’s very well written.

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