Press Release From FDC-IPC on 04/12/12




For Immediate Release

My fellow Ugandans, just over a month ago, I was honoured to be nominated a Presidential Candidate on behalf of the FDC and the IPC. Since that time, I have addressed hundreds of rallies in dozens of districts in the central, western and eastern regions. I have seen yet again, the appalling conditions in which most of Uganda’s citizens live. I have seen countless examples of the gross mismanagement of our country.

Uganda has got massive problems, which will take a long time and vast resources to solve. There is deep poverty across the country and the provision of public services has almost totally collapsed under the NRM government. Be it roads, medical services, quality of education, support to agriculture – name it – almost nothing that is supposed to be done by government is working properly in Uganda! The NRM government is drowning in massive corruption from the top to the bottom and has taken theft and incompetence to the level where a change of government is an urgent priority for our country.

The February 18 elections provide Ugandans with this opportunity and we are more determined than ever to win the election and bring positive change to this country. It is time for change and the time is now.

To strengthen our campaign for change – and to focus our supporters and our IPC-FDC candidates for various political offices on what we need to do to win this election, I am today launching a new campaign theme, a new campaign slogan and a new campaign strategy, which I request all IPC and FDC candidates to implement.

Campaign Theme

The new IPC-FDC campaign theme is: “Change is Coming.”

Campaign Slogan

Our new campaign slogan will be: “A New Beginning; A Bright Future; In Your Hands.”

Our New Campaign Strategy: “The Power of Five.”

What do we mean by the Power of Five?


First, from our 13-point Manifesto, we have selected 5 priority issues that almost uniformly affect the whole country. Our Manifesto has several other issues that the IPC Government is committed to tackling. But we ask that all our supporters and candidates first mobilise support for change around these 5 priorities, which ordinary people can relate to, across Uganda. These are:

  • Jobs and Economic Empowerment
  • Quality of Education
  • A Functional Healthcare System
  • Roads and Infrastructure
  • Support to Farmers and Agriculture



Our supporters should not only vote for me as the Presidential Candidate. We ask you all to identify and vote for IPC-FDC candidates at these 5 levels of leadership:

  • Presidential
  • Parliamentary
  • LC5
  • LC3
  • LC1

Support for our candidates at all 5 levels should be driven by our focus on the 5 key issues and I appeal to all our candidates to focus on the issues.


The challenge of achieving the victory does not belong to Kizza Besigye alone. Nor is it a challenge only for me and our various candidates. If we want to secure a new beginning and a brighter future for our country, let us all put in an effort to help make it happen. FDC and IPC have millions of supporters. I appeal to each of our supporters to internalise our 5 key issues, know our candidates at the 5 levels of leadership and to go out and recruit 5 new supporters, who are registered as voters. Each of those new supporters should in turn be kindly requested to go out and recruit another 5 new supporters.

Our support base will then start growing at “The Power of 5!” This is the biggest request I am making to our supporters. Every 5 new supporters should go out and recruit 5 new supporters.   Once you have confirmed your set of 5 recruits, keep in touch with them until voting day and ensure they turn out to vote. Then guard our votes and you will have done your duty to your country.


Managing a national election campaign requires a lot of resources. We use most of the money on travel and marketing. This time, we are doing some new and exciting things to strengthen the campaign. We have styled up and modernised our campaign. Starting today, we are going to do a huge amount of advertising. We have produced many different messages, focusing on the 5 key issues and what our new Government will do to solve them.

To successfully implement this new strategy, we are appealing to our millions of supporters to make a contribution to the cause for change. We are appealing to each of you to contribute only Shs 500/= every week, or every month, or as frequently as you can afford. A supporter who makes a financial contribution will not be easily bought off or intimidated. You will have become an investor in the struggle for change. Ask each of your 5 new recruits to join you in contributing Shs 500/= as often as they can.




Three of the mobile telephone networks, MTN, UTL and Airtel, have made it much easier for Ugandans to transfer money to each other. All you have to do is to visit one of their Mobile Money outlets and tell them you want to send money using your mobile phone. Ask the Mobile Money shop operators to assist you in sending us your Shs 500/= to MTN 077-6-433-555; Airtel 075-6-755-555; or Utl 071-8- 932-055;   confirm that we have received it.

Our campaign office will be regularly announcing how much we have received from you and what we are using the money for. This money your commitment and a sacrifice to the change we desire, it will be used to deliver our message of change. 

For those who have been saying that there is nothing new and exciting in this campaign, that we having nothing new in our strategy, go and tell Ugandans that we have put the power of five into this campaign:

5 key issues to change our country

5 candidate levels for FDC and the IPC

5 recruits per supporter

5 new recruits per each new supporter

500 shillings regular support


I thank you.

 Margaret Madanda

IPC spokes person


About ugandansatheart(UAH)

Uganda's Leading information Centre.“UGANDANS AT HEART “(UAH), is a free-to-join, non-profit making e-mail discussion forum that is secular, intellectual and non-aligned politically, culturally or religiously with over 30,000 members worldwide. It was started in 2007 by a UK-based Ugandan, Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba, and it is devoted to matters of interest to Ugandans and East Africans. People from Uganda have scattered to countries around the world. Most of the Ugandans in Diaspora like to maintain their African connections and values. UAH was originally started to act as a link between Ugandans abroad and those at home.That's why its membership ranges from: Ugandans abroad, Uganda police, representatives of traditional leaders, MPs, journalists, cabinet ministers, religious leaders to locals in Uganda.
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