Nina Mbabazi defends his father’s Oil Involvement

I am not sure whether this debate is making sense but from my perspective; The chronology of events were as follows;

  • Tullow oil entered Ugandan oil scene and is represented by Elly Karuhanga
  • Heritage oil entered Ugandan oil scene and I have no clue who their Ugandan representive is.
  • Heritage signed a contract with Tullow to give Tullow first option to buy their oil fields if they had problems which they eventually had having failed to raise the money to continue past oil exploration.
  • Heritage offers their oil fields to Tullow who give a very low bid according to them.
  • Heritage oil offered their oil fields to many buyers of which two of them where Quaddafi and ENI
  • M7 directly negotiated with ENI to come to Uganda to continue where Heritage left off.
  • ENI offered Heritage a higher bid than Tullow and Heritage asked Tullow to match.
  • ENI is Italian but their procurement manager at that time was Jeff Kamuntu.
  • Tullow went to London and tried to get British newspapers to write about  corruption in oil because of the entry of ENI. Some papers did oblige.
  • ENI came to Uganda and M7 hosted them and they had discussions at State House which I am not privy to but Amama Mbabazi was in the meeting. He makes mention of it in his press release
  • Tullow through Elly Karuhanga flew to CHOGM in Trinidad and Tobago in November 2009 and secured an appointment with assistance from Hon Kutesa to meet the President and present their case.
  • Elly Karuhanga ranted about Mbabazi having recieved a bribe from ENI and was trying to secure the oil fields for himself to which the President responded, that Mbabazi had nothing to do with ENI. It was he who had invited them.
  • Elly Karuhanga having failed to get rid of ENI then embarked on a donor campaign with Tullow to discredit Amama Mbabazi and blackmail the donors on oil. Through all of this, Hillary Onek is being harrassed by many people to sign deals which he refuses. One of the people allegedly pressuring him is his own PS Kabagambe. Onek has a degree in this field and so knows his stuff.
  • Enter a fourth company (Nigerian) which URA absolutely had no interest in even doing a background check. The Nigerians allege that they had connections high up but it didn’t work.
  • ENI is called by the Tullow Ugandan shareholders and asked to offer them a stake if they are to work.
  • ENI refuses as they felt that they needed nobody since they were invited by the President and therefore need not bribe anyone.
  • ENI weighs the political risk of working in Uganda and opts out.
  • Uganda government embarks on finding serious people who want to refine oil in Uganda not in Kenya as Tullow was suggesting
  • President meets CNOOC the Chinese oil and gas company and invites them to Uganda.
  • Tullow is given a tax schedule by URA which they refuse to pay
  • M7 says he has had enough of people who don’t pay and insists that if they don’t pay they can leave.
  • CNOOC pays the guarantee that government requires to the Ministry of Finance
  • Tullow, CNOOC and Total enter into partnership

Nina Mbabazi

NRM supporter at UAH


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2 Responses to Nina Mbabazi defends his father’s Oil Involvement

  1. Batwaula says:




    Dear Fellow Ugandans

    I have lived in the UK for 22 years. During that period I have worked as a Chartered Accountant and regulatory advisor on the London Stock Exchange. I authorised the listing of Natural; Resource companies on the London Stock Exchange to help them to raise money to develop oil resources in emerging markets. I want all my country men and women to know that UGANDA DOES NOT NEED TULLOW THE CHINESE, FRENCH, BRITISH, AMERICAN, RUSSIANS or indians to get its oil out of the ground. Trust me we can do it ourselves. I KNOW HOW.

    I do not undermine people or work behind the backs of those in authority. I hope that soon I will be able to share my vision for Uganda’s oil industry with all of Uganda. For now I ask you to SAY YES WE CAN AND NO TO FOREIGN COMPANIES! SAY NO TO ELLY KARUHANGA! PUPPET OF COLONIALISTS!


  2. johan james says:

    this piece is so factually inaccurate. you should have done a bit more research. for starters Tullow and Heritage had a joint operating agreement with a preemption clause. Tullow exercised that right and preempted ENI. so why for heavens sake was there even a debate? simply because u pple dont want to follow contracts. the principle of the sanctity of contracts is totally lost on govt of uganda. they think they can negotiate the Tullow Heritgae Contract (a contract which Uganda is not party to) in any way they want. If you come to cancel contracts why wouldn’t I say you were bribed? What other logical explanation is there? Look at the defence of Onek in this piece. After the man went and made a statement that he will cancel a contract if a party exercises its contractual rights? thats the knowledge you boast of? No wonder the US embassy believed some of these guys took bribes. ENI could never have taken those fields without first obliging and talking to tullow. now as for Karuhanga the public record shows who accussed the PM and why. the American Ambassador himself made the accusation.
    as for this accountant Batawula who knows how to raise money I think he needs to research as well. its not about cash. petro fina, shell bp etc all came to Uganda and found nothing. you need deep pockets to be able to withstand finding nothing and great skill to be able to find something. u have neither the pockets or the skill. just an illusion of grandeur.

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