Letter to President Museveni of Uganda

Monday, 20 July 2009.

            Your Excellency

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

President, Republic of Uganda.

Uganda Political On Going Violence


Your Excellency, this letter is specifically aimed at calling upon your attention on the height of  ongoing violence in Uganda.

The dramatic political violence by your government

Many political and peace observers believe you came into Uganda because it was relatively safe compared to Rwanda/Burundi. It was peaceful; stable and economically progressive, and you enjoyed the fruits of being brought up in that peaceful environment. Immigrant or refuges that come to Uganda or any country initially face hurdles in settling but normally overcome it as your family did.

2. Uganda Is a Sad Story

Recently most regions within Uganda have seen extensive rise in sophisticated political violence which you never saw or experienced during your youthful years. This deliberate violence has created huge mistrust between your regime and the citizens of Uganda. Frankly speaking there has not been a democratic government in Uganda since Dr. Milton Obote seized power in 1966. Uganda is still under an authoritarian regime in the guise of a big Government. Yet from the outset people would think that Uganda’s intelligence network is good enough and well-equipped to handle any violence in Uganda. There is the misconception that Uganda can go non stop for any war within the “East African Great Lakes Region”. This efficient and experienced intelligence agency has failed to handle and stabilize the ongoing politically orchestrated violence; the opposite is happening as we get continued political violence.

Many external observers now believe political mistrust between people and government is the main cause of the current crime wave that appears to be spreading from one region to another. There are daily cases of abductions and killings that are taking place across the country. For instance all around city suburbs women, young and old are being targeted abducted and raped and killed on day by day basis. One is forced to ask the compelling question; “where is the Uganda government attention to all this controllable misconduct”? Does the President reside in Uganda? What does the Speaker of Parliament; the Prime Minister and the Members of Parliament, especially the Lady representing Ruhaama North Constituency, have to say about these crimes? It does appear as if the whole regime if is off sick; there does not seem to be any accountability.

Your Excellency, you are a man who deserves the highest form of respect within the field of military intelligence, and you are one of the most experienced and intelligent Presidents that Uganda has ever had. From as early as 1960 and right up to the present day, you have been involved in military intelligence. Many Ugandans are now beginning to wonder whether this expertise is really beneficial as the government over which you preside cannot bring to a stop or prevent such crude crimes.

Mr. President, I would like to voice another question which is on the lips of most vulnerable Ugandans who no longer feel they are protected by your regime. Alarming numbers of young women from a distance of only five miles away from your Nakasero home have lost lives, at Kawempe and Nansana city suburbs. How would you respond if Joseph Kony turned up at one of these towns and raped and murdered the citizens as the situation now stands. Would you trust your National intelligence network to handle this pressing matter immediately? Would your so called Government not warn the poor citizens of the dangers in these localities? Or would you label your intelligence a failure? Or would you just promote them to higher positions of responsibility and spread them to Uganda embassies around the world as it so often happens?  Continued early morning abductions and the ritual killing children are taking place even now when I am writing to you!

You hear as everybody else does, that many citizens are “hit brutally on the head with heavy metal objects and left dead in many parts of the country”. That nature of crime is common place in every area of Uganda and it no longer makes national news. In fact it is business as usual in the eyes of your respective Ministers!  Is Honorable Kirunda Kivejinja still Minister for Internal Affairs, or is he on permanent leave from this post?  How about other security Ministers and what is their understanding of security matters?

What was witnessed in Luwero Triangle during the bush war, and in Acholi; Teso, Karamoja and Kasese, and Mbarara now has taken deep roots specifically in Buganda Kingdom.  I believe in one Nation, our Country Uganda, as you also do Mr. President, so let us forget tribal politics.

Tribal politics is a disease worse than cancer in that it destroys our people’s senses. It is a disease once again, killing Uganda citizens like in all the preceding regimes, of which you have at certain times taken part and of course as you preach to the world, prompted you to take arms and fight to restore “democracy in Uganda”. Which democracy if I may ask again? Tribal politics should have ceased with Dr. Milton Obote. You were around when this beautiful Country was torn apart by tribal violence, which you have bragged that by and large, was the prime reason for you to resort to arms to rescue Ugandans from anarchy and the love of gun power. One wonders what was your actual intention for waging the bush war. Was it sadism as you appear to like it when people die of poverty and brutality? Why does carnage follow wherever you intervene? I would be surprised if all you ever wanted was not just the chance to have a go.

‘Obote’s charismatic charm could not allow him to look beyond his nose’, and he died regretting the deadly acts he did to sections of Ugandan populace. I am afraid you are sailing in the same direction and your legacy will not be different from Obote’s total failure. Today you are viewed not only by Ugandans but worldwide, as a foresighted man simply because of the decision initially you took against Milton Obote and Idi Amin Dada. Mr. President, let me be the last one to raise my fears for you, for what many citizens observe as a precursor of your predecessor’s brutal regimes that dismantled traditional leadership in Uganda.

Cultural Institutions (for) Democracy 

Many Ugandans went to schools and were at one point or another had treatment in hospitals that once belonged to cultural leadership. It is lamentable that during your Presidency, all Ugandans particularly yourself should have refrained from this tribal danger and root ourselves into real democracy as one Nation, Uganda. The political situation under your leadership has reached a point where the vast majority Ugandan, especially the Traditional Leadership, are scared for their lives and you do not seem to notice or care what is going on across the country. Since you became the absolute ruler of Uganda, setting on fire of cultural institutions and private properties has gone out of control. Hence, intentionally, you have created depressed societies in Uganda. Political citizenship standing against tribe seems to be escalating political violence in a very systematic way with your sole backing.  That is total reverse to 1800 AD, tribal conflicts whereby, Baganda and Banyoro and Acholi, used not to have anything better to do so they engaged each other in tribal wars, which you definitely hear and enjoy watching wherever it unfolds every single day.

(That Is Dramatic Violence to Be Precise)

You may not deny having a strong motive in the whole tribal saga, because you are doing nothing apart from entertaining historic conflicts. Summing-up this disturbing matter, something is lacking here; effective responsible leadership!

Historic Conflicts

Many Ugandans have been completely unaware of the histrionic names such as (Bafuuriki).!! The waters you disturbed in Bunyoro region have not calm down yet, and, the victors from Bunyoro, Buluuli, Bugerere, Teso and Karamoja and Acholi and Teso, are yet to be seen.  For a quarter of a Century, you have clung on Ugandans heads it has made all the people of the regions of Uganda, become more curious of the need to return to; 

“Uganda Historical Provincial Block Leadership”

For instance:   Uganda government begun in hasty bankruptcy.  It has no properties to house and run all government work; therefore, it hired properties belonging to Buganda Kingdom.  Milton Obote 2nd president of Uganda after King Edward Muteesa II,  on realizing that he could not fulfill his government’s commitment to pay all due fees in rent arrears, he decided to abolish traditional leadership and confiscate all traditional institutions.

25 years ago, to-day, on  YK.Museveni, coming to power you promised to fulfill all earlier governments commitments by paying all due fees in rent arrears.  Have you yourself, fulfilled that commitment yet?   From, 1962-2011, it’s almost 5 decades, governments promising to hone our nation to betterment.  Is that how nations are built by sticking on telling lies to the citizens?

Mr. President, encourage all Uganda communities to develop their respective regions as Buganda region did before and stop using tribes and regions for personal selfish political interests and threats.  Bearing it deeply in your mind that, you do not own Uganda, as your personal asset!  But only rule it and for awhile. Uganda is free for all, so every region has got sole potential to develop and protect itself from your bred segregation.

Mr. President, can you honestly say that you can notice any difference between the atrocities caused by Joseph Kony, (LRA) and by the intelligence thugs that are leading to kill the innocent people ruthlessly across our country?

According to Uganda government news reports, 70, people were killed between February, 2009 and July, 2009, in Masaka, Rakai, Lyantonde, and Sembabule Districts, by hitting them on heads and necks with iron bars, while many are being found with necks cut off. Plus 80 innocent Karamajongo people killed in-front of cameras at Karamoja District, by a division of your armed forces so they can raid herds of their cattle, freely.  The number of those suffered injuries were not reported and their fate unknown. So, is it policy of your regime, to shoot and kill the citizens, without arrest? If, it is not you, to encourage it, who is behind and responsible for killing people so cheaply without state intervention, if at all there is a Government in Uganda?  Don’t you feel ashamed to tell every Mother and Father in Uganda that Joseph Kony is the one killing their loved ones, even in city areas? How many of those killers have been charged with murder cases, and already sentenced? If a state cannot protect her citizens, what is its viability? Is it not high time you accept like many other Ugandans have done that you are hanging on a failed state?

In a damning Justice report also released (August 2009) indicate 76.3% of cases that go to court, Nationwide, remain unresolved. But you can afford to fly utmost expensive Jets, by African standards!! Don’t you realize that lack of resources can hinder the quality of justices in Uganda, to-day? Why was it not like that in the 1960’s, when you were young?

Who Is Behind Cult Invasion 

The majority Uganda citizens, cannot help thinking this is a well planned long strategy by some of your army Generals who have grabbed the citizens lands recently. Before the new and old boy network of youthful army Generals turned into a wealthy class of generals and City tycoons, this systematic type of cult activities were not known around and it is linked to two sections of our society.

(1) The greedy people, are being encouraged by a section of  top wealthy people, who promise them hundred thousands of money to go and kill persons and supply them as body parts to a gang of criminals involved in cult activities and the one’s running human body parts business. Surprisingly, for a number of occasions you have been heard talking about this rotten matter, you do not oppose cult activities and the crimes it bears! This section is composed of gangs of people with military background. Some of whom were thrown out of the army and the one’s deserted it. Who have continued to live a dangerous life without psyche-care, whatsoever?

(2) There is a group of wealthy city tycoons who have obtained a lot of money that they do not know what to do with it. They got money through deception and hope to keep it by engaging in devilish cult activities. That section involves some foreign criminal gangs. How can you, an assumed modern man, tolerate devilish cult missions in Uganda, a business of the would be only illiterate.

You have informed Ugandans that during your Presidency, that a mere section of Ugandans have become so rich. While that section consists of city tycoons linked to the deadly cult centers reported to involve in brutal slaughter activities of the people you lead. Reference:  {Kanungu Inferno}  Your government did not take any trouble to know or totally ignored what was going inside Joseph Kibwetere’s cult, so are many others.  I, therefore, cannot help wondering if your office (has) got hands on the statistics of the total number of cults in Uganda and their permanent members.

Don’t you believe the whole saga need to be investigated in order to restore the people’s peace of mind?  You still remember very well that this cult danger dates back even before Joseph Kibwetere’s cult, set ablaze many unknown people in Western region.   Professor. Yusufu Kironde Lule, former President of Uganda died after had raised fears about it. For such deadly implications, you should be worried because this cult invasion is helping to spread so much brutality to the vulnerable people. Let us encourage our people to study more rather than supporting stupidity. Ugandans will not be safe until all cult activities are barred.  In public interest, if you are really serious man you would do one example for once;

(A) Hours of curfew should be imposed on all (Masabo) Imitated traditional healer’s Shrines and all traditional healers performing at night.

(B) Anyone caught disregarding the new order should face the firing squad as Idi Amin Dada, did to the city robbers.

It is common knowledge at every corner of the Country that every cult murder case of this nature involves money, a tycoon and a greedy person and foreigner business people. Evidence is prevalently available that thugs abduct children and sell them to murderers

for less than 100, Pounds!!   http://www.observer.news/uganda:  2,500 children go missing in Jan-April, 2009.   http://www.bukede newspaper:  Sut, 04/12/2010.  Further confirmed reports are in that a man. Joseph Ssegawa was advanced with Shs.100.000, in Uganda currency to hunt for his ex-girlfriend, Regina Nakayiza he slaughtered at a price, equivalent to, 30, Pounds starling worth, in order to get rich.

Newvision.co.ug/news:  21/12/2010.   Iron Bar Thugs Kill Six In  Mukono.  Among them is 20-year old student girl, Violet Nalubwama. A student of Kampala University, killed on

1st, December, 2010.

MS. Sylvia Namutebi (Maama Fiina) She was concerned that some of your ex-soldiers are among groups in the act of abducting and killing people to supply the human body parts business, a hot cake in Kampala City, today. http://www.Bukedd newspaper.  February, 26-2009-27/07/2010.   A Uganda Parliamentary committee, led by Gabriel Opio. Confirmed reports that some medical professionals in hospitals also involved in such develish acts. And MP. Isha Otto  (Oyama South)  agreed to such reports. http://www.bukedde newspaper. Tuesday 27, July 2010.

Now, you can realize how dangerous it is tribal segregation policies can induced a section of the public to own exorbitant sums of money while the rest of the citizen’s hands are tied up in abject poverty and brutality. Is it not absurd though, for a leader of a Country, to (gesture) at a Republic in fractions of people? What does Republican means to you? No doubt, poverty and stupidity are two important issues and major degrading element City tycoons have taken advantage of the poor to accelerate this situation. That section of wealthy class have a goal yet the majority poor does not have a clue what is going around them in secret.

The whole situation in Uganda, to be frank with you, does not need childish decisions, it is a serious national criminal war, and need only tough stance like the following:

 A court  of government of the Republic of Tanzania, it was reported, on 24,October 2008, by Allafrica.com/news:  A man Gets 60 Years for Rape and Robbery.  The Singida Resident Magistrate’s Court convicted Samson Samuel a 26-year old to 60 years in jail.  If the Tanzanian Court can do this, why can’t the Uganda Courts do it?  (Lack of govt  regulations fuels cult activities in Uganda:   By Denis Mutabazi.  http://www.monitor online/10/09/2008.

“Bw’ova Ku Byange Genda Ku Wa Ngatto!

Dead silent Complacency.  Surprisingly, out of the total number of Members of Parliament only one MP; Mathias Nsubuga [Bukoto South] has raised the abduction matter to the house of Parliament. Whereas MP. Mr. Latif Ssebaggala (Kawempe North) where a lot of abduction and raping and killing of women and children have taken our nation with overwhelming surprise, are dead quite on this danger. When will all Members of Parliament come out in open to defend the vulnerable people by securing maximum security to all the citizens within their constituencies?  If Parliament takes a lead, Government will act: 

Regional Security Commission of Inquiry

Parliament is supposed to debate National issues and policy and Parliament is also meant to decide on the best way of implementing these policies.  MP.  Mr.Elias Lukwaago, Kampala Central, pointed out a finger to the current Parliament and said that its a rubber stamp. For deadly acts that does not happen in Rwanda or Tanzania, are major topics at every breakfast table in our Country, Uganda.  However, Uganda Parliament is failing her citizens because the vast majority Member’s of Parliament, are currently not showing enough interest in defending the Country’s most vulnerable citizens. Yet all MP’s enjoy pocketing, Shs:14.5m, par month without sparing any minutes to listen to vulnerable people. I hope that all Members of Parliament including yourself, Mr. YK Museveni, President, of Uganda, that will find logic in setting-up an urgent regional public security commission of inquiry to loot out those most stupid crime acts.

To be able to fully understand the height of misery inflicted on parents in this Nation,Uganda, i suggest that you ask Honorable, MP. Mukono North, Mrs. Betty Nambooze Bakireeke to make a public announcement on all Radio/TV, stations, of Uganda and appeal to everyone that has lost a relative in the on-going crime waves to assemble at Mandela Nambole stadium, that is and i hope, when you will gain glimpse of understanding the pain parents and relatives are suffering. Suffering from the terrible loss of their loved ones, and personal trauma that compounds a lasting fear of losing what is left with them. Further reports spreading-out again show that this area, Mukono North Constituency, in the last four months has lost more than 20 citizens all in murder cases since Betty Nambooze Bakireeke, worn that seat. When one perishes to-day, there is little hope the next one will not fallow next day! Your negligence of security for individual lives created an impossible situation to live in Uganda.

Yourself, in conjunction with some of your tribal army generals you have sung louder one song , terrorists, rebels and bandits for now more than 25 years, since you became Uganda’s ruler. Again political observers point a finger at you that you do set-up certain bandit units to trap the fed-up citizens in case they utter a single word of criticism against your administration. Thus, prisons are full to capacity of people whom you are quite aware were caught up in your planned traps and the state can hardly produce any credible evidence in the Courts of law to convict them. Many assumed innocent prisoners are left to starve without food and hardly provided with medical-care.

Uganda High Court Judge. Benjamin Kabiito, denied bail to 23 Men, Buganda suspects after one year in jail.  http://www.monitor news.com/ 09-09-2010.  

To continue to torment the Monarchy of Buganda, you set-up the trap between,  10-12,  September, 2009,  and your security operatives shot and killed 30 persons and 70, totally innocent persons were sent to prison without any human feeling from the trapper, the State of Kampala. We argue you to reconsider government decision with regard to sending selected ethnic groups of people to prisons without trial is most likely to sparking more conflicts.

Conflicts Made Out Of Political Propaganda 

Do you think you will ever win the conflicts made out of political propaganda? Don’t you see, people get fed up to hear the same song every day that people get wiser and need change? Some people are aware, that for quite a long time, it has remained a prime task of your intelligence network, to create enmity among political parties leaders and their followers in order for you to weaken them and hang on power at all costs, like Mobutu Sese Seko,  did. Suppose you were on the opposition bench in Zimbabwean Parliament, could you tolerate  Mugabe’s political mode?  Then, why don’t you welcome politics of peace, vacuous and change and eliminate institutionalized corruption?

Institutionalized Corruption 

The Uganda Police force it is alleged is one of the most corrupt institutions in the Country. Police commanders and intelligence chiefs in areas where sophisticated killings are taking place are dominated by people from one tribal regime. You can see the jump in serious crimes, tribal tendencies have created!   Above all, is that not sectarian of his Presidency, to put only people of one region, Western region, in control of (the) entire security key jobs? Can’t you see, that this imbalance of responsibility that is a major factor to criminal negligence you uttered about when all,  20 young under age children at Budo Junior school girls perished in school fire. Have all the parent whose children were innocently set on fire, have had a fair trail? If the State police cannot handle criminal cases satisfactorily, where are you leading Uganda?

Once again, i will refer you to Mr. Vincent Nuwagaba’s recent report on Uganda tribal Police atrocities.  As if that was not enough to spread anxiety among the general public, on Sunday, 25/04/2010.  Daily Monitor newspaper, and the entire Uganda media reported promotion of 31 Police Officers which now leaves no doubt, whatsoever, once again, quite clear how you are totally determined to create: sole tribe Police force.   How many Police Officers from other regions were promoted on this long list? Can’t you see, that is another tribal crusade? And another big mistake!

The delightful job that tribal Police force does to certify you with regard to such wide ranging human rights violations and abuse, once they collect the dead bodies and issue recorded case numbers, that is the end of the matter, job accomplished!! The Nation can only blame this Police force, when you inform the public the main causes of institutionalized corruption stinking out in all Government Departments.

Security Advisers: 

Some of your security advisers are well known out spoken Military Generals. It sounds weird as the men make scandalous comments on people’s lands, and expect the victims of land evictions to gain interest from them to trust and protect the public with its properties already on tiptoes to be deprived of the only asset they own. A few names are among the listed Generals, implicated as land grabbers.   All in all, national security needs a committee of trustworthy individuals comprising all the regions in our Country to represent all Uganda communities.

To-day, the people of Uganda, have more doubts about your national security advisers, than at any other time before. Such as Major Kakooza Mutale and your press secretary. The behavior of such individuals are not professional at all, to represent public interests.

I was appointed to destroy newspapers, says  Nagenda  in News Headlines. 

http://www.daily monitor newspaper.   Saturday, 22/12/2007,  and i quote: Mr.Jonh Nagenda, senior presidential adviser on media and public relations said he was happy to do an assignment that required the closure of newspapers that the government considers critical. Speaking as chief guest at the 2nd annual Golden Pen Journalism Awards in Kampala, on Wednesday; Mr. John Nagenda, said he had fulfilled his job by closing down the Daily Monitor several times and getting some of its managers transferred. And senior presidential security adviser, Maj.Gen. Tinyefunza, has gone public calling upon  the poor to attack prominent land owners,. Immediate results indicates, your most senior advisers create confusion with intent. And blood is spilling over in the Country due to military’s interference in land matters. Whose fault that would be?  Is it not the Military ruler and his Generals?


Open Criticism Helps 

Mr. President. You have told all critics of yours on political violence and tumult that are retarded.  But you may note, among your strongest critics are some astute citizens of Uganda: Such as,  Mzee Boniface Byanyima one time your principle guardian and his family. Dr. Joseph Oloka Onyango, MP.Haji Hussein Kyanjo, Prof. Mahmood Mamdani, Prof. GW.Kanyeihamba and Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda and Rt. Rev. Edward Muhima and  Rv.Fr. Carlos Rodriguez so many others. Since all these names mentioned does not belong to one area block, you have to be more careful what you utter out in public.  I assure you, non of us, your strongest critics are mad.  Once again, look at these names above, and note that criticism of you comes from across all the regions of Uganda. And the utmost criticism of yours derived from Western region, your home area.  Does that offer you something to take in?

“Are their criticisms really not valid?

(A) As you disregard your critics above, how about particularly, that respectful lady, needless to mention her name. MP, for Ruhaama County.  Note: The Ruhaama MP, accused some (NRM) leaders of using blackmail as a political weapon to undermine one another. (I am tired of ( NRM) intrigue) She observed: http://www.observer.ug/news/ Wednesday, 28 January, 2009. What do you make of this statement, is this bad criticism too?

(B) Fr. Batanyenda wrote;

Honorable Members, although you lost the inner voice [conscience] and all ethical ethos of patriotism and good leadership and got yourself entangled in the maze of political favor and gourmandism, i remind you that you have an ethical and constitutional obligation to protect lives of the people in Uganda and their property. Unless you become politically and socially philanthropic and public-spirited you will land our country into an abyss of disintegration, hatred and chaos. http://www.monitor.co.ug/ 20-07-2009. What more would you like to hear?

(C) Capt. Guma Gumisiriza (Ibanda North) In the same meeting said. Mr.President, you should reactivate the intelligence system, both military and civil. Instead of painting a rosy picture. We need to get reliable information from the ground. You should ensure reliable information reaches you!!

Again, can’t you see there is regional concern in this point? All formidable names quoted here represents vast views of people from the regions they belong to, areas worst affected. Relaying on false information does a lot of harm and damage to you and to your entire leadership, Mr. President.

(D) My Story:

Former, Buganda Kingdom: Katikkiro Joseph Ssemogerere, recently in an article, http://www.ugandaobserver newspaper: Dated: Sunday 12 July, 2009. Written by Ssemuju Ibrahim Nganda.

I told him that i was sorry for him because he probably did not have intelligence officers (to write home about) i told him that if they (intelligence officers) actually wrote the things he was telling me, then they were totally misleading him and might one day lead him into trouble because such things did not exist anywhere.


Intelligence Branders Causing Divisiveness in Political Elitism

Mr. President, i will not go for names here, but you know what lays in store for the Acholi political Elites. Have you now come across the intelligence branders which are simply causing huge gaps and more mistrust among Ugandans? For your information, further reports tell of the youth gangs based in England, USA and South Africa, that your regime spoils on a lot of Uganda tax payer’s money simply, to feed you with empty lies!!

”The empty tin that sounds most”.

Do you really believe the work done for you in those Nations is worthy a penny? The Observer newspaper.com/ug: 06/09/2007, referred to it as a clique of petty crooks.

Mulwanyammuli, disclosed someone invidious being isolated himself from the Country’s civil society that you know longer welcome counsel from the wise-people. Wise man’s counsel means people will always differ on certain issues. One person cannot be always right on all matters. You may, as well recall,  Mr. Mulwanyammuli Semogerere, he is not the first one to get worried for you. Justice. GW.Kanyeihamba, too, warned so, numberless times. Once again, you would borrow this new leaf and heed advice from your burning critics. Please do not take criticism for blame. Uganda, now have to change, so must your politics, you need to act upon your conscience, for a safe Uganda. Someone among the names mentioned here asked you, “What is partisan politics?” you did not respond to him!

Politics Of Common Sense 

What does Ugandans want to see from this change?  Uganda, citizens want politics based on common-sense. When Rv. Fr. Dr. Lawrence Kanyike, wrote that, (Develop Your Areas Like Buganda Did and NRM Govt has no conscience of guilt, 20/06/2008. http://www.monitor newspaper/ug: Ugandans felt lazy to ask him what it means individually?  Today, exactly the same massage Dr.Olara Otunnu, is preaching to all politicians who abandon their native regions and people and immigrate to Buganda region. Who is supposed to take care of their regions and to develop them? There is supposed to be work and money in every area of Uganda. Call it what may, development!

Currency Is A Wide Mirror 

Here i am not illustrating on political democracy. Its a simple hint on East African regional economic development. The looming East African federation.  Whereby, Rwanda and Tanzania economies appear to be more stable and fast developing than that of Uganda’s?  Stability of national currency is a wider mirror we look into every single day to weigh stability of the economy. Tanzania, currency has been stable since the last 25 years on, you have been ruling Uganda.!! You studied economics in Dar es Salaam, and you have failed our Country to apply the experience you acquired from there. In essence, you learned nothing to developing nations. Your ideology is awash apart from other East African great lakes region leaders who’s views suggest contrarily, that developing the people is the main ingredient to developing Nations. You have spent quarter a Century worth of development attacking and killing people, in this East African region.

Poor Planning And Concentration Of People 

There is unfair concentrations of so many Ugandans in Buganda region alone. That is cheap politics you offer, by supporting such moves to allow too many people to be dumped on too many heads already. Where do you think Buganda inhabitants should go?  Let us be positive on this matter. It is a long time failure, of all Uganda regimes to redress the proportional distribution of national resources and opportunities to every region. Uganda politicians repeat the same pitfalls at every Government. Northern region benefited less from Obote’s era. Obote was obsessed with Busenyi, Ankole, you very well remember it.

The Nubians had their day at Amin’s helm. Still got nothing out of his pockets. Instead of building a modern Town and beautiful residential area at Bombo, major interest was on army barracks only. Museveni, too, is fallowing into Milton Obote’s footsteps, with an edge to develope only a section of already wealthy Westerners. There is one important matter here, for Ugandans to rec-corn about. Time does not forget to arrive. Time will tell!

Proportional Opportunity And Responsibility  

All regional leaders need take charge of Regional Security and Development. That’s how it used to be, long ago.  In the old good days, there was no need for security intelligence to go to Rwakitura or from Entebe, President’s office, to arrest a person. You remember too, when you were young, nothing like that was allowed to happen. That was regional Police work” All our regions catered for security for local areas. There was no Government Minister, allowed to leave office to go and settle pieces of plots of land disputes, like it appears in your administration. On Tuesday 27 July, 2010:  All Uganda Medea: reported your government Minister.  Mr.Vincent Nyanzi, being involved in the land wrangles of, 5016, Acres of Land allowed by himself to be purchase at a throw away price of,  Sh.5.000.000/= of which case left 1000, poor local communities stranded with no where to go.  Next move will see government Ministers taking over traffic wardens off the streets!

For a long while, there has been silent complacency from all top government officials and the whole opposition parties about the on going evil crimes across our Country.

A government Minister, has demonstrated how life in Uganda, to-day, no longer have any value.  Even Ministers minds are keen on chasing only for wealth.  Mr. President, where were you then, during the so called old good days?  Now that you can hardly learn at all from history? All the episodes we witness with laughter to-day, could sum-up, as your total government failure.  Proportional Opportunity and Responsibility,  (POAR)  as suggested herein, is a secure strategy that can drive all Ugandans to fairness and Justice, and start respecting each other. The spirit, like removing the City of Kampala from Buganda region, is unthinkable a matter.   Buganda is an entity democracy that raised her own City, how can the state steal from the same State?  Once, Mbarara, becomes a City, tomorrow, would you allow it to belong to Buganda Kingdom?  This poor gesture alone confirms you look at Uganda, not as one Nation. Buganda and any other region is capable of electing a City bigger and better than Kampala itself. Stop standing in Buganda’s way, so that you look at Buganda and other regions progress alike.   I am afraid, your intentions are no more than raising castles in the air. First of all,   “You are Mr. Big Waste”   Museveni to stake 65bn/= for the general elections in 2011:  28/06/2009, The Oserver newspaper.com/Ug:   Ugandan leader to get second jet.  Uganda controversially spent $35m, on a private jet for Yoweri Museveni in 2000 while seeking debt relief from the international Monetary Fund (IMF)  Stop wasting national resources on a section of people of one region and redistribute the opportunities available squarely to all the regions and narrow the gap between rich and poor and learned and illiteracy?  This regime has totally failed to do anything to help the poor, and has broaden this gap. It will need somebody else, to remove this huge poverty gap.  Buganda region had the systematic developing structures before the British (Bazuungu), arrived here in Uganda. That system was dismantled by Milton Obote, without informing the nation what was wrong with it.

Re-introduce the system and it will make wonders for our nation again. Decentralization system has failed too, and will not work because the entire Uganda populous are not confident enough will eliminate poverty.  Of course, it has spread more poverty and hopefulness for the people your government found with land have been made destitute s by the same government claiming to make them better off.

Traditional Leaders Have Been In Existence Before Colonization:

Traditional leadership, developed the lives especially the poor poor than modern government, of to-day.  Therefore, they should be respected and their positions kept intact. Mr. President, when you listen to people now and focus at the reaction you received around the Country, following your muddy letter to the Monarchy, Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi ll, in public view, it was total reverse from what you ever expected. Let me quote for you only a single matter from your cherished subordinate and former Cabinet Member of national resistant movement,  NRM,  and Minister (on) different regimes.

Mr. J. Bidandi Ssali. He rather cautioned you on tribal politics while he wrote to you.

Bidandi: Cautioned Museveni on Tribalism:

It seems to me the emotion reflected in your reported statement about Buganda, the Kabaka and the Baganda as a tribal entity has subdued logic and objectivity thus blocking reflection and reason.

No one would like to remind you matters that put you off balance. Anyone who has lost a son or daughter, a relative or far away friend, from such intended crime waves. Have got constitutional responsibility to wake you up, from your cozy slumber. People will not forgive you if our people continue to die whilst on taking Oath, you vowed to safeguard all citizens of Uganda with their properties and assumed fullest responsibility for all their lives.

The King of Buganda as singled out by Mr. Bidandi Ssali’s letter, is now loosing thousands of his native people through tribal inflicted dangerous politics and Government segregation policies for instance, the massive land eviction of the poor communities from Buganda to enrich your tribal army generals. Killings fabricated through your love of political violence. Buganda’s political history is the basis of Uganda’s major political and economic progress you are enjoying even today.

Hence, the people of Buganda, have got friends in all parts of Uganda, therefore, they will not stand alone in segregation. Buganda, you remember was only until recently, the super Kingdom in whole, Uganda. No doubt, Buganda has got deep roots in all Provinces of Uganda. Mind you: your Government is slaying Buganda’s friends. If you ignored Bidandi Ssali’s letter, by the time he wrote it, please be wise, to revisit it again and again.

The letter of advice you ignore is a letter of a Wise-man and a highly valued a  politician. You can hardly get free and true advice from your tribal empire.   “Lubaale Wa Nnyoko”

Remember once again, the time you used to consent with Mr. Joseph Ssemogerere, in conjunction with local security and intelligence fabricated matters. Then you were able to solve the would be complicated situations with a single telephone call. Today, you confuse the citizens of Uganda. All the wonders, you aim at without public consent, have turned into more difficult situations for our Nation and your Presidency. Your initial approach towards tribal wars made you to fail totally, hence, failed to win Kony from confrontation. Once the public lose hope and trust in politicians, never will they trust again.

Late.  DR. Milton Obote, is a living example, peace loving Baganda never went back to him!! Even yourself could not trust Milton Obote, again after falling out with you? You will never restore political trust once it has split!!  It is very interesting to hear saying that,  NRM, unlike other political parties grooms the youth while (DPP) simply frays. Within hours,  Mr. Samuel Lubega, a democratic groomed by the Democratic People’s Party, (DPP) plus other members on his campaigning team were innocently attacked by your Militarized Police and thrown in Police custody three times, within one month. Why do you create panic when you are sure no one can defeat you, come National Presidential election, 2011.

Buganda Kingdom’s young promising politician are now seen as government targeted opponents. Because they are attacked more often than any other groups on the campaigning trails. Mr. Mathias Mpuuga a former Member of Buganda Kingdom, Lukiiko, was shot in the leg by a person known as a security operative. How will you interpret such actions before the eyes of  peace defenders to side with you when everyone competing with you in the presidential race becomes an evil beast before your eyes?

Mr. President, please take a moment again and examine the level and depth of national tragedies since you become President of this Country, Uganda. Many will agree with me, that there has been no difference between your regime and all previous regimes after 1966.  And by all odds, you will have to stay on power after the looming elections, 2011.  Many people will be forced to run away from Uganda, if the situation stays currently as it is where the vast majority citizens are antagonizing with inner heart tears.  But not everyone will leave this Country cowardly, i promise only one thing to you. I will do compile statics on every crime committed due to lousiness of your security personnel and present it before the next working government. Uganda citizens have slept on political violence now, for so long a time, are badly in need of peaceful but permanent solutions for ever.

National Tragedies:

1. Rose Namuludde, a Mandela college school student, was abducted on her way home, raped and left killed. http://www.bukedde/news\ 16-07-2009.

2.  Alice Namutebi 25, years old.  A Makerere University graduate, resident at Nansana suburb left home at 6.00.am to go to work in the city center, before she boarded a tax she was hit at her neck with an iron bar and died instantly on Thursday 02 July, 2009.

3.  Another University.  Kampala Uni, Sseeta Mukono area, lost  a 2nd year student while walking to study at 6 am. Within 6 minutes of leaving her home she was hit on head with a metal bar, and died instantly. Such crimes are daily occurrences across the Country.  Unfortunately, falls on deaf ears.

4.  Emmanuel Kironde, a 6 years old boy, of Nakibizzi, Jinja Road, was abducted on Thursday 16, July 2009, and found Friday with head cut off. How do we know that boy would not become Uganda President in Future?

http://www.bukedde.co.ug/news\ 19-07-2009. The list is longest, covering all regions in Uganda.

Record Breaking Acid Victims

On Tuesday 9th,September 2008, the recorded numbers of Acid victims totaled, 327.   I have particularly watched this situation two years, down the line, this type of crime has only exacerbated. Still Members of Parliament act as if they do not know this disfigurement danger to the public.

Why should the citizens of Uganda be exposed to such dangers, without any single word from the so called government and the entire opposition political parties?   New numbers to-day, must be in the legions of thousands!

(Brutal stories are powering in everyday).


Plea for International Assistance

Finally, Mr. President, now that there is fragile hopes from your (Regime) to provide even minimal security, locally. Some areas in Uganda need to be widely investigated and put under Biological control”  For more focus on this danger,  your government officer was caught in Great Britain, purchasing Bio-Chemical Agents and put behind bars.  For what principle purpose should the  Uganda government be compelled to look for lethal agents?  It does not only worry Ugandans, also all East African leaders near you.  However, I am obliged to start a campaign on behalf of all Ugandans to start looking for the international forensic crime experts to come and assist Uganda Police, until all mystery surrounding those atrocities are solved. Now that, Dr. Olara Otunnu, is back to Uganda, with his long experience in foreign relations hopefully, he might have a clue on finding assistance to solving the hard crimes now threatening many ares of our mother country, Uganda.

The British Mornach while openning the Commonwealth Summit {CHOGM}  in Uganda, November, 23, 2007,  called on the leaders of Commonwealth Community to focus on the challenges facing the youth.  Since, that day, President Y.K.Museveni, does not know the vast number of youth being killed during this short period of time.Queen opens the Chogm, calls for mutual respect.  http://www.monitor.com/Friday, November 23,2007.

Thank you so much, Mr. President.

Concerned Citizen Of Uganda.


1.  The British Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II.  Head Of The Commonwealth Of Nations.

2.  Pope Benedict XVI.

3.  King. Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II. Kabaka Of Buganda.

4.  King.Barnabas Dlamini Muswati III. King of Swaziland.

5.  Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

6.  Archbishop. Dr. John Sentamu. (Sentamu calls for war to topple Mugabe) Monitor online:Africa news. 08/12/2008.

7.  The President of the Republic of Tanzania.Dr.Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete.

8.  Mr.Jerry Lanier, Washington Ambassador to Uganda.

9.  Mr. Michael Mansfield, QC.

10.  (SPUC)  email: political@spuc.org.uk

11.  Ingrid Turinawe. Chairperson of Women for Peace.Uganda.

12.  Dr.Anna Kajumulo Tibaijuka.Under-Secretary-General. (UN)  Executive Director of the United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-HABITAT)

13.  Prof. Eric Kashambuzi.

14.  Secretary General of Amnesty International.

15.  UPC President. Dr.Orala Otunnu.


About ugandansatheart(UAH)

Uganda's Leading information Centre.“UGANDANS AT HEART “(UAH), is a free-to-join, non-profit making e-mail discussion forum that is secular, intellectual and non-aligned politically, culturally or religiously with over 30,000 members worldwide. It was started in 2007 by a UK-based Ugandan, Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba, and it is devoted to matters of interest to Ugandans and East Africans. People from Uganda have scattered to countries around the world. Most of the Ugandans in Diaspora like to maintain their African connections and values. UAH was originally started to act as a link between Ugandans abroad and those at home.That's why its membership ranges from: Ugandans abroad, Uganda police, representatives of traditional leaders, MPs, journalists, cabinet ministers, religious leaders to locals in Uganda.
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