Tyranny is Museveni and Museveni is tyranny

By Nathan Iron Emory

2nd May 2011: Tyranny has no time for people’s suffering. Tyrants mistrust people. They prefer to see their people in poverty throughout.  They use their security organs as vessels of terror.

A tyrannical regime spends a lot of time building dangerous organs of repression to perpetually make war upon their subjects, driving them out of cities and out of their homes, intentionally making the subjects paupers in their own country, dispersing them into exile, ceaselessly arresting political opponents and their supporters, torturing and detaining them on tramped-up charges, disallowing basic freedoms, the right to life, economic benefits, social management and harmony to the people.

This is exactly what Museveni’s National Resistance Movement [NRM] is.  The brutality of the NRM’s security personnel (ISO, Police, Military Police, UPDF etc) while dispersing peaceful protests must remind Ugandans that virtually all revolutions have arisen as result of wrongful application of powers/institutions and brutal abuse of fundamental people’s rights. In this case, the brutality of General Yoweri Museveni and his regime is unlikely to escape the same fate. It is a matter of time!

Ugandans have been forced to hate Museveni’s NRM regime because of its ruthlessness, intolerance, and primitive policies of governance. The people have been forced into a tight corner. The horrible events happening in Uganda today clearly show that Ugandans are likely to seek unorthodox means to end their suffering.

Museveni‘s organs of terror shall be brought to account one day.  Elaborate surveys have revealed that the majority of Ugandans have endured tyranny throughout the 25 years of NRM misrule. Ugandans have been subjected to forced rule by minority characters and egoists who equal themselves to demi-gods.

Our countrymen and women are groaning beneath immense oppression; oppression by an old self-styled General whose personality is charged with lust for power; whose overriding impetus is to grab wealth so as to deprive his political opponents of income.  Over the last 25 years, a few things have become very clear to Ugandans and the international community.  And they are:

  • It is deep in the minds of many Ugandans that for General Yoweri Museveni, “Force is a Mania.”
  • All organs of oppression established by the NRM regime are serving to maintain General Yoweri Museveni’s hold to power.
  • Museveni has committed every inhuman crime at his pleasure, performed undemocratic actions, dealt out illegal punishments at all levels of his command with impunity.
  • It is now clear to all Ugandans that tyranny is General Yoweri Museveni and Museveni is tyranny itself.  By him, tyrannical power is upheld; by him and him alone, the seeds of tyranny continue to be scattered.
  • He has maintained garrisons of intimidation and brutality to persecute his political opponents and dissenting citizens who meditate resistance.
  • He has brutally handled innocent demonstrators thus infringing upon all basic rights of Ugandans. Constant arrests, detention, and maltreatment of his political rivals in safe houses, military establishments, and in Luzira prison; all bespeak of the wantonness of the NRM regime.

The political, economic, and social situation in Uganda today has become unbearable as the NRM regime applies harsh measures to retain power. The regime has deployed its bloodthirsty security agents in every corner and every inch of the country to intimidate and stop Ugandans from enjoying their basic rights.

Corruption is endemic within NRM circles.  Inequity is openly practiced within government departments.  The public sector is in a sorry state.  The majority of Ugandan youth are unemployed.  Nepotism has positioned itself in every sector of public service; thus making Uganda a monarchy in all but name.  Meritocracy went through the window over a decade ago.

The “Walk-to-Work” campaign called to protest against the high cost of living in Uganda demonstrates boldly that “The Pearl of Africa” shall not endure servitude forever.  The protest is a strong message to the tyrant and his boot lickers that Uganda as a country SHALL NOT pass in unending succession from father to son, master to master etc.  Uganda SHALL NOT be the heritage of oppressors.

We can clearly see that every day, Ugandans are braving Museveni’s beatings, bullets and teargas.  They are determined to free their motherland of dictatorship, impunity, and bad governance. Ugandans appear to have resolved NOT to shrink.  They now seem prepared to face any danger if that is what it will take to liberate their country.

With this design of mind quickly and popularly developing among Ugandans, Museveni’s tyranny will be destroyed and freedom for all regained.  The glory of democracy shall never again be defiled and the sword of terror shall be put to rest. Never again shall Uganda be controlled by one man vision. Democracy shall thrive; the law shall hold its course and justice shall prevail for all.

This achievement shall be acclaimed from Bold Stroke taken by patriotic Ugandans to grasp the spirit to manage their own affairs without duress.



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