And They Are Still Laughing!

.And They Are Still Laughing!

For so many years, like all of you suffering fellow Ugandans we had watched in silence our evolving, deepening wretchedness. With every hit that sent us down almost crying in pain; a dead relative or friend that should not have died; a dead hero of our country that was compromised; a young graduate roaming the streets of Kampala, jobless, penniless and hungry; an innocent citizen framed and convicted either to lose >legally=, land, a business, a licence, EVEN A LIFE. . . that which the rich and powerful decided to take, or simply to settle old scores; etc., We saw the cause before us and it was always the same. Growing confident, growing in size, growing rich, powerful and brazen. It was always the same faces of the same people and we wondered how many of our fellow indigenous Ugandans recognised them the way we did. They are the Musevenis= who now own Uganda lock, stock and barrel. And since the 18th of February this year, they believe they are to own YOUR FREEDOM and YOUR SOUL.

So, although until then we agonised in silence we felt challenged to write. Our hope was that little by little we could analyse our plight together; using the great opportunity that technology today has made so much possible. So we wrote one then two small pieces; to stimulate a serious debate on several issues. The overwhelming response we see is encouraging. But it has also exposed how much has gone wrong within our body politic thanks to Musevenism. It is precisely what he set out to achieve, it is succeeding. AND HE AND HIS CLAN ARE LAUGHING.

Fellow Ugandans, let us re‑focus on our duty to ourselves and address our problems starting from the roots.  We know that for every example we will give you, you can each give at least 20. So this better be just a beginning; at the end of which road we shall have not only found a way to respond to whatever Museveni and his clan are doing to us but we shall have the means to get rid of their entire system, lock stock and barrel. But it is going to be a long road.

Over the last four weeks we are sure there have been many of you quietly hoping that the bulletin according to Smart Musolin could be right; not because we are like Museveni wishing ill of others, that Salim Saleh was really dead. Far from it; Ugandans are/were hoping that at long last seeing the implosion, the fracture lines in a system that has ground relentlessly into submission every opportunity, every hope and our very existence. But to Museveni and his clan it may all be a game with particularly sinister intentions. AND THEY ARE LAUGHING.

Ask yourself, is it the first time they have played us for fools? Of course not.

They wore Obote’s military uniforms and massacred innocents in the Luwero Triangle; they wanted you to hate Obote enough to support a radical system they wanted to introduce into a peace loving country: ORGANISED VIOLENCE. We fell for it. . .they were killing us; us the very people they needed to create this organised violence that would get them the power their numbers would never have done in a million years.

They knew from the experiences of Rwanda and Burundi that they would never muster the numbers nor a legitimate cause and programme to win any election so they chose ORGANISED VIOLENCE to get them what no Election could.

As they massacred our people in the Luwero Triangle the Chakamchaka plus the uniform was doing the trick. You ended up believing that ‘Obote and Those Northerners’ were decimating you. They got us to hate our own fellow Ugandans as an investment for the future as we will point out. We can hear you say that Obote and their UPC brethren had proven to posterity that The Northerners were our enemies. But Daudi Ochieng, Martin Aliker, etc, were also Northerners. Besides, Museveni and his Clan were Obote’s own dependable force in The General Service Unit and the most vocal political force. But they never wanted you in the Luwero Triangle to remember this. So once they got you to believe that they were fighting for you. . .you had fallen into their trap. THEY LAUGHED SOME MORE..

Then they lined up along the roadside the skulls of our murdered brothers and sisters; to invoke empathy for the cause; but whose cause? Theirs of course!  They took pictures of your brothers and sisters’ skulls so that you can spread the gospel. But whose gospel? Theirs of course! Out of it more of us joined them in The Luwero Triangle. International Media and Agencies were hoodwinked into spreading their propaganda. They knew that we had all fallen for it. . .AND THEY LAUGHED SOME MORE.

Wearing Obote’s uniforms they targeted families with children. One wave of them slaughtered Mums and Dads with total brutality STATE RESEARCH BUREAU STYLE right in front of the kids so they never stop hating The Northerners, then another wave of scantily clad guerrillas would rush in guns blazing, some of the first wave would fall as if killed by the new heroes; they would get up and walk away after the terrified kids are collected to be taken to their new godfather YOWERI MUSEVENI. They are indoctrinated Marxist style how to hate, who to hate and how to destroy him/them. AND THE GODFATHER AND HIS CLAN GO ON LAUGHING.

Yet from the very start, when the first wave of massacre in the Luwero Triangle started, some of us, you and me, suspected that there were discrepancies in the stories. That we were being killed by these guerrillas and not the Obotes. But instead of going back to our roots, to examine the way our ancestors examined any given strange phenomenon, otherwise they would not have established the rich heritages all indigenous Ugandans enjoyed before the advent of aliens, white or black, we chose to ignore that route. WE chose to listen to the Chakamchaka. Or we kept saying to ourselves “wait before you tackle that problem, at least these guys. . Museveni and his Clan will help us get rid of These Northerners first”. And then what? Others chose to whisper MUKAAMA, because chakamchaka had let it known that “IF YOU ARE CAUGHT REVEALING SUCH SECRETS OF THE LUWERO TRIANGLE, YOUR PENALTY IS INSTANT DEATH” And there were examples enough to pose a deterrent even when it was known that it was the godfather himself that laid this law of this jungle and often executed it himself. And once you or any other fellow Ugandan chose to remain silent to this DECEPTION FOLLOWED BY SUCH CRIME‑KILLING FELLOW UGANDANS FOR A CAUSE OR CAUSES THAT HAD NEVER BEEN CORRECTLY DEFINED, EXAMINED BY OUR CAUCUS OF ELDERS OR SANCTIONED AS A POLICY FOR A DEFINED PROGRAMME OF OUR WELLBEING, then we had automatically surrendered our RIGHT TO SAY NO TO MUSEVENI AND HIS CLANSMEN. LUWERO TRIANGLE WAS THE FINAL TESTING GROUND FOR OUR TRUE RESISTANCE TO THESE ALIEN FORCES OF DESTRUCTION. From then on THEY HAVE NEVER STOPPED LAUGHING AT US.

We can see you fellow Ugandans saying to each other: “What the hell is Freddie Mwesigwa expected to achieve with this? Of course we know all these ‘things’, but they are all in the past.  . .time to move on.  Let us talk about corruption or the wastage of state resources on the huge Parliament and the purchase of fighter jets.  At least those are current and relevant”. Wrong, dear citizens of Uganda.  Let us challenge you to examine any other aspect of our predicament the way we have simply scratched the tip of LUWERO TRIANGLE CONSPIRACY. Don’t duck the chance to show that you are awake to the TRUE REALITY OF YOUR PLIGHT. Otherwise Yoweri Museveni will do what he has done for generations, and then recently, to the Email we sent to you to cajole you into re‑examining your course for the future. He got busy. . .no, he got his propaganda machinery to pretend that it were you responding to our Email, but instead , to deflect the thinking to other topics he wants you to stay glued to even if they were never going to improve.  Corruption? The man and his Clan have fleeced Uganda better than Mubarak; Gaddafi etc, have ever managed together. But you can talk and twitter all you like; he is going to continue fleecing as he wants. His mate Tumusime Mutebire can resign now. . .yesterday, if he was genuinely concerned about our financial plight. But he will not because there is still OIL AND URANIUM AND GOLD TO STILL PLUNDER TOGETHER.

If you want something current and we invite everyone who has first hand information to enlighten us all, where is GENERAL CALEB AKANDWANAHO TODAY?  Is he in The West Nile?  From where he is alleged to be supervising the final plunder of the state of Uganda. Whether he is dead or alive it is inconsequential, but ask yourself:

1). How did he come about all the land he is/was sitting on in West Nile? Someone please enlighten us!

2). How did the two brothers end up with unlimited access to HECTARE UPON HECTARE OF ACHOLI and LANGI LAND. Operation Scorched Earth, please someone? Internally Displaced Camps, please someone?

3). The mass killings, which are so current there will be at least fifty indigenous Karamojong dead before we finish this Email to you; all over Karamoja under the supervision of his wife Janet and his son Muhoozi. Don’t hold back please someone?

4).And now that they are on the threshold of permanent assimilation of our Territory, WITH ALL THE OIL FROM JUST WEST OF CALEB AKANDWANAHO’S REACH‑LAKE ALBERT and a little South at BUDIBUJO, WHICH THEY ALREADY OWN ANYWAY, THEY CAN ESTABLISH THE PERMANENT HEADQUATERS TO DO WHATEVER THEIR LONG RANGE PROGRAMME DEMANDS. You the citizens of Uganda will have even seen them establish, at your expense, THE NECESSARY PIPELINE TO TAKE THEIR EXPLOITS DIRECT TO THE INDIAN OCEAN. SUDAN and THE DINKAS can be ANNEXED just exactly the way ALL OF EASTERN CONGO CAN BE ANNEXED, which is why despite knowing that our borders with the DRCongo runs halfway down the Lake, they can develop THEIR OIL PROGRAMME AS IF THEY ALREADY KNOW IT IS GOING TO BE THEIR TERRITORY. You dear Ugandans will help them with your lives TO INVADE THE CONGO YET AGAIN. You are like the fodder that sustains the MUSEVENI ULTIMATE DESIGN ON SUPREME POWER of THE GREAT LAKES REGION.


We are challenging you for our own good and sanity, to reveal without fear or favour all we can share between us not as a broken people, but as a force awakening to a reality of WHATEVER HAS GONE WRONG AND THAT WE ARE GOING TO DO ALL THAT IS NECESSARY TO RECLAIM OUR LAND, OUR HERITAGE AND OUR PRIDE.

Now, (a). See how he did deceive all Baganda to believe that Mulwanyamuli had any good to do for Buganda when he was serving Museveni’s Agenda from day one until now when we hear he has masqueraded his way into London lately, still serving the same lie. Don’t hold back again, dear friends otherwise MUSEVENI’S LAUGHTER GOES ON.

(b). Inter Party Coalition? Museveni successfully infiltrated every Organisation that had claimed to be in the opposition. So he controlled every step, every division that took place. It the end you know that there was no credible opposition. He bought everyone that mattered, and then he proceeded to buy every voter he could irrespective of damage to the finances of the land. Mr Mutebire where were you when he raided the Bank of Uganda Vaults? Someone knows more about this, please let us read it.

(c). Museveni created the biggest cabinet on the African Continent, ever. This on top of the biggest Parliament per capita, ever. If they have no accommodation enough and have to “rent space” from mercenaries like Sudhir and company, a member of The Billionaire’s Club then the Tax Payer is in for a clobbering. Someone knows more and we need this dossier to work out our strategies for survival of our Nation State. So, please don’t hold back the way we did in the Luwero Triangle. Whatever followed was never about us Ugandans. It was all for Museveni and his Clansmen; let’s have it now.

(d). Then having abused our intelligence with this huge Parliament, he got Irene Muloni a Roman Catholic Lady appointed Minister of Energy to imagine herself better placed than all the Professor Lules and The Kisekkas and the Bukenyas, probably encouraged her to throw this MAMMOTH PARTY, (just as he has done with Rebecca Kadaga with the Basoga) to which the guest list OBVIOUSLY PREPARED BY MUSEVENI had to include FOR FINAL HUMILIATION even THE TOP CLERGY IN THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. . . TO CELEBRATE!  To celebrate WHOSE ULTIMATE SUCCESS?  Not the Roman Catholic Church whose Clergy now appear VERY CHEAP OPPORTUNISTS, given that they have presided over services for the last 25 years, which services have increasingly attracted and overfilled Churches all over Uganda by POORER, MORE MISERABLE, SICKER AND DESPERATE MEMBERS OF INDIGENOUS CITIZENS, because they were all physically, mentally and psychologically suffering from MUSEVENISM. All the Newspapers, the Social Networks, the messages by phone (not in Uganda because ours is a POLICE STATE) but Internationally must have filtered through to our REVERED CLERGY enough to realise that THE DRINKS THAT FLOWED and THE FOOD THEY ATE would pass through the system as if they never were. And what would remain the next morning WOULD BE THEIR CONSCIENCES; AND WITHIN THEM THE FEELINGS OF BETRAYAL OF THEIR FLOCK who must have seen their pictures with dismay; as if all the preceding weeks of demonstrations were just a mirage, an illusion and a trick designed to do to the populace the very same betrayal that was done to Ugandans in the Luwero Triangle. ON THAT NIGHT OF THAT BIG WELL REPORTED FEAST MUSEVENI AND HIS CLANSMEN, MUST HAVE HAD AN EVEN GREATER CELEBRATION. THEY COULD NOT HAVE STOPPED LAUGHING!

Now we throw this challenge to you. Come up with well researched revelations about our plight. Be bold enough to share them with us. Someone has tried for more than thirty years to destroy your spirit. But we doubt he has succeeded otherwise he would not be sending Delegations after Delegations upcountry to subdue us, abroad to spy on many of you, in Churches, at weddings, at funerals, amongst the Boda Bodas, the market places etc, etc..


Freddie Mwesigwa


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