Dear Ugandans at heart,

It is with great pleasure that I announce that consensus has been reached by my team that we set up a prize to award the best contributors on the UAH forum, at least every after 2 years. We are going to vote for the prospective candidates in form of polls below.

 The 2010 awards will go to the three persons for their outstanding contribution in 2009/ 2010 on Ugandans At Heart (UAH) forum. The results will be announced in mid February before the results for the presidential elections. The awards are going to be divided into the following categories:

Best Original Writer:

 A member who normally writes in his or her own style- without necessarily copying anybody’s work

Best peacemaker:
A member who always try to calm down other members who derail from the intended debate and start virtually to ‘shoot’ each other. Obviously, this is the role of the Head Moderator or Moderators but we want members to look at some one else other than the Moderator.
Best Uganda History Writer:
A member that you feel has taught you a lot about the history of Uganda ever since you joined the forum
As a head moderator, I would like to thank all members of UAH that we have enjoyed the banter, and have benefited from the knowledge and discussion that has been going on here for years. We hope our work is recognised by other people in other places outside the forum since we are not paid by anybody to do this. In effect, we hope we shall be on the list of people that receive awards in future in various mediums for what we do here.

We thank the numerous writers who participated in 2009/ 2010 that have kept this forum going up to now.
We thank Google Groups for their facilitation of UAH.
We thank the moderators for their unpaid work and using their judgement.
We thank everyone on UAH for your participation and hope you will write again and again by sending us your lovely wit, humour, suggestions and travel reportage.

We thank journalists at home and abroad, and media houses that recognise us in their print media every now and then.

Merry X-mass every one and Happy New Year.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

 Originator and moderator

3 Responses to Polls

  1. Miricah Nanyange says:

    Thanks moderator, but you have not put all the categories like the best peace maker here on the voting page… good work done..May the Almighty bless you.

  2. Kasule says:

    Jessica you are doing a good job. God bless you.

  3. Jessica Nakawombe says:

    With humility, I accept these prestigious Awards and the first of their kind.
    I would like to register my thanks to you, Mr. Ssemuwemba as Head Moderator, and your Team, the Moderators for taking your time and to design these Awards, and to choose my name and line me with a few other amongst thousands as a person who has contributed positively to our beloved Forum of UAH.
    Thanks to all those who thought that I deserved these awards and voted my name.
    I am beyond words that I could make such an impact in people’s lives in my generation.
    I thank God for giving me these gifts of writing and making peace and toning down hot exchanges.
    Writing is a gift and a skill that informs and educates. We may choose to disinform to create chaos, or even let ignorance froth amongst us or to inform for good construct of society.
    Writing is a gift and a skill, an art and a science. To feed the fire and make it hotter. To extinguish fire thay may de destructive. To pour on cold water chill.
    I thank my both my paternal and maternal grandparents, my parents and family – I mean the great African family of everyone related to me- who taught me at an early age that I was a person of substance who belonged to a great people.
    And to all my teachers, pastors/ministers, mentors and role models in my childhood, teenage life and adult life.
    Least but not least, all my UAH fellow members who have made me use my gifts and sharpen my skills.
    I encourage everyone, especially my fellow women, to use what gifts and skills God has given you for you don’t know what you can achieve and what impact you can make in the world until you present them.
    To God be the glory, great things he has done. .

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